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Check out this guide for best builds in Marvel's Avengers Game 2020. Including recommended skills, best gear and gear perks, & more.

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Iron Man - Best Builds

Iron Man's Offensive Build Overview

iron man
Attributes- Might
- Precision
- Valor
Best Gear Perks- Lightweight Blitz
- Gamma Capacitors
- Faultless Spark
- Accelerated Muon Repulsors

This Iron Man build focuses on melee damage first, with Might as its primary stat and most perks geared toward light combo boosts. However, it will also make frequent use of ranged attacks, so some precision is worth having.

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Iron Man - First 14 Skills Unlock Order

No.Skill To Unlock
1Thruster Uppercut
2Power Dive
3Dive Amplifier
4Micro Rockets
5Scorched Earth
7Rocket Strike
8Repulsor Strike
9Energy Pulse
10Arc Overload Specialization I
11Arc Overload Specialization II
12Energy Shunt
13Ion Battery
14Energy Barrier

With the above skill order, you'll focus on getting useful melee-based attacks first, and then supplementing them with ranged abilities after. Once you hit level 10 you'll want to start getting skills from the Specialty tab, as they offer some useful boosts.

Hulk - Best Builds

Hulk's Offensive Build Overview

Attributes- Might
- Valor
Best Gear Perks- Heavyweight Inspiration
- Brazen Invulnerability
- Heavyweight Quake
- Nimble Buff

Hulk is a beast of a melee damage dealer who not only packs a punch but has a built-in self sustain in the form of Rage. Focusing on damage and speccing into rage talents first will give you great returns on Hulk early on.

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Hulk - First 15 Skills Unlock Order

No.Skill To Unlock
1Sky Fall
2Earth Smasher
3Devil's Rampage
4Controlled Chaos
5Unstoppable Ferocity
6Monster of Mayhem
7Survival Instincts
8Klaxon Frenzy
9Siphoning Grasp
10Stranglehold Specialization II
12Tectonic Fury
13Ground Shaker
14Stranglehold Specialization I

Focus on getting Sky Fall and Earth Smasher first so you can stun enemies early on. Afterwards. invest into the Rage tree, working towards a powerful, high-damage Overcharge build later on in the game. When you get Cataclysm at level 15, switch over to get some key Masteries.

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Black Widow - Best Builds

Black Widow's Ranged Attack Build Overview

Attributes- Precision
- Valor
Best Gear Perks- PYM Parabellum Ammo
- Gamma AE Bullets
- Adept Spark
- Proficient Buff

This Black Widow build focuses on using her ranged abilities to supplement your party. Switching between different types of ranged weapons can help you deal with far off pests like turrets and drones, as well as bulkier robots up close. Focus on unlocking all ranged weapons fast and using them frequently. Don't tunnel vision and forget to dodge, however!

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Black Widow - First 14 Skills Unlock Order

No.Skill To Unlock
1Bullet Storm
2Full-Auto Shot
3Rain Maker
4Stun Rounds
5High-Caliber Shot
6Ammo Overload
8Extended Clip
9Polygonal Rifling
10Impact Grenade
12Femme Fatale
14Widow's Bite Specialization II

You'll want to get Full-Auto shot, followed by its buffs, then High-Caliber shot. This will give you a good variety of ranged weapons to work with. At level 15, start going into masteries and unlocking the best ones there.

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Kamala Khan Best Builds

Kamala Khan's Bulky Bruiser Build Overview

Kamala Khan
Attributes- Might
- Valor
- Resolve
Best Gear Perks- Reactive Explosion
- Heavyweight Protection
- Heavyweight Blitz
- Heavyweight Inspiration

This Ms. Marvel build focuses on making her both bulky and powerful, with emphasis on HP and regenerative abilities. She'll take on a bruiser-tank role in most parties, while also being able to dish out significant damage.

Check Out A Full Ms. Marvel Build Here

Ms. Marvel - First 14 Skills Unlock Order

No.Skill To Unlock
1Double-Barrel Punch
2Catapult Kick
3Spinning Heel Strike
4Hammer Fist
5Whirling Wallop
6Living Large
7Hand Clap
8Spirit Walk
9Hip Check
10Fists Of Justice
11Healing Spirit Specialization I : Will To Live
12Healing Spirit Specialization II: Will To Fight
13Hand Clap
14Embiggen Specialization I: Big Trouble

The above skill order can be used for early-game leveling - you'll want to get some basic damage abilities in while picking up relevant specializations once they open up at level 10. After level 15, you'll gain access to Masteries, which you should prioritize getting.

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Captain America - Best Builds

Captain America's Offensive Build Overview

Attributes- Precision
- Valor
Best Gear Perks- Expert Explosion
- More TBD

Captain America plays well as a ranged attack dealer support who has the ability to buff his party up and deal decent damage/provide stuns.

Check Out A Full Cap Build In Detail Here

Captain America - First 14 Skills Unlock Order

No.Skill To Unlock
1Shield Dive
2Soldier's Slam
3Ricochet Throw
4Resolute Throw
5Shield Parry
7Patriot's Throw
8Driving Force
9Enemy Intel
10Commanding Resolve
11Rally Cry Specialization I: Call To Arms
12Shield Bash
13Rising Hope
14Commander's Call

The skill order listed above will serve you well for leveling through campaign. Shield Dive and Soldier's Slam are useful for both evasion and knocking down enemies. Afterward, it's worth putting points into your ranged attacks. Eventually at 15, you'll want to go deeper into the Mastery tab.

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Thor - Best Builds

Thor's Offensive Stun Build Overview

Attributes- Might
- Proficiency
- Valor
Gear Perks- Faultless Pulse (melee)
- Reactive Pulse (Defensive)
- Aerial Quake(Heroic)

Thor's strength is high melee power and high stun damage. This build focus on stunning the enemy with melee attacks and using takedowns to finish off enemies.

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Thor - First 15 Skills Unlock Order

No.Skill To Unlock
2Slide Smash
3Hammer Spin
4Whirling Uru
5Bring The Thunder
6Sigurd Strike
8Falling Star
10Tornado Throw
11Mjolnir Cyclone
12Immovable Intent
13Legacy of Odinson
14Divine Chaos

Get Sledgehammer and Slide Smash first to get used to evade and sprint attacks. After that, prioritize skills which have high stun damage such as Hammer Spin and Bring The Thunder. If you use ranged attacks frequently, learn the skill called Headstrong (under the Hammer Skills category) as it also has high stun damage.

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Fabione 3

Ma le build di kait e clint non ci sono?

Anonymous 2

Will Iron Man and Black Widow be best build pages soon?

Anonymous 1

This is weird because it recommend Iron Man to focus on Might but not the Hulk...If anything Might should be the main thing Hulk focuses on, because of his hard hitting melee attacks. Hulk is primarily a melee damage dealer, and "tank" is more of a secondary role for him.

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