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Sorceress Class Overview
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Sorceress Class Overview

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Sorceress is an Advanced Class of Mage in Lost Ark. Learn more about the Advanced Class - Sorceress, Skills List, Tripod, Stats, Skins (Outfits), Combos and so much more.

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Sorceress Overview

Sorceress Class Overview

Class Mage Weapon Long Staff
Gender Female PVP Tier A
Difficulty ★★★★☆ PVE Tier SS
Stats Overview
Atk. Power ★★★★☆
Mobility ★★☆☆☆
Defense ☆☆☆☆☆
Support ★☆☆☆☆
AoE Radius ★★★★☆

Sorceresses specializes in different elements and powerful long ranged attacks. Since most of the Sorceresses attacks are AOE, it can wipe out enemies extremely fast.

Sorceress Best Builds

Combat Stats Priority (PVE)

Crit ★★★★☆
Specialization ★★★★★
Domination ★★☆☆☆
Swiftness ★★☆☆☆
Endurance ☆☆☆☆☆
Expertise ☆☆☆☆☆

Sorceress - Unique Mechanic

Arcane Gauge

As you deal damage, you can build up your Arcane Gauge. Filling up the Arcane Gauge to 30% will allow you to use Magic Discharge or Blink. Using Magic Discharge will strengthen your overall elemental skills and casting speed until the Arcane Gauge runs out. On the otherhand, Blink will instantly teleport to your desired location to dodge incoming attacks.

Sorceress - Skill List

Sorceress Skills

Req. Lvl
MP Cost
(Skill Lv. 1)
BlazeBlaze (Normal)
MP 74
Creates a rectangular flame forward, dealing 499 [Fire] damage and paralyzing foes. Inflicts 99 [Fire] damage for 5s.
Energy DischargeEnergy Discharge (Combo)
MP 61
Fires a concentrated magick bullet that pierces the foe in front, inflicting 186 damage. When an additional skill key is pressed, it fires again inflicting 279 damage.
Attack Type: Back Attack
Lightning VortexLightning Vortex (Point)
MP 80
Creates spherical lightning within 12 meters of the cursor location for 3s. for a total of 905 [Lightning] damage. On hit, the foe is pulled to the center to inflict 226 additional [Lightning] damage.
Stagger: Low
FrostFrost's Call (Holding)
MP 110
Causes a Cold Snap at the cursor location within 12 meters. Inflicts a total of 2139 [Water] damage to the fees over 9 times for up to 4s.
Stagger: Mid
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
SquallSquall (Normal)
MP 85
Creates a powerful whirlwind in front, inflicting 3 hits for 460 damage and then pushes foes while inflicting 460 damage.
Attack Type: Frontal Attack
Counter: Yes
Seraphic HailSeraphic Hail (Normal)
MP 96
A huge wave is created, covering the foes in front and inflicting 630. 630 [Water] damage. While the enemy is in the air, it will be launched up again on hit.
Stagger: Mid
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
InfernoInferno (Point)
MP 86
Creates a pillar of flame at the cursor location within 14 meters. inflicting 1338 [Fire] damage to foes and knocking them into the air.
Part Break: Lv. 1
Stagger: Mid
Punishing StrikePunishing Strike (Casting)
MP 119
Calls forth a giant Thunderstroke at the cursor location within 16 meters. inflicting 2953 [Lightning] damage to foes.
Stagger: High
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Reverse GravityReverse Gravity (Normal)
MP 91
Creates an Earth Rift Magick Circle on the spot. The Rift Magick Circle knocks foes into the air, dealing 437 damage. Then it inflicts 1019 damage when striking down.
Stagger: Low
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Ice ShowerIce Shower (Normal)
MP 77
Strikes the ground with the power of Frost, dealing 826 [Water] damages to foes within range.
Attack Type: Back Attack
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Lightning BoltLightning Bolt (Holding)
MP 110
Fires lightning towards the designated location. 50 degree directional change is possible while holding. Inflicts a total of 1583 [Lightning] damage to foes in a straight line over 5 times for a maximum of 2s.
Stagger: Mid-High
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Esoteric ReactionEsoteric Reaction (Point)
MP 110
Creates a Magick Crystal within 12 meters of cursor location. The crystal evolves by levels. up to level 3, at which point it explodes and inflicts 1865 damage to foes and knocks them back.
Part Break: Lv. 1
Stagger: Mid
Rime ArrowRime Arrow (Point)
MP 105
Creates multiple Ice Arrows at the cursor location within 14 meters, inflicting 1797 total [Water] damage.
Stagger: Mid
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
ExplosionExplosion (Casting)
MP 119
Casts a spell to fire a flaming projectile. It explodes upon hitting the target, inflicting 2848 [Fire] damage and knocking foes into the air.
Part Break: Lv. 2
Stagger: Mid
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
ElegianElegian's Touch (Toggle)
MP 14
Magick Protection around the body consumes 330% MP of the proportion of HP consumed when damage is received. MP Recovery -30% when Elegian's Touch is active and MP does not recover for 3s when hit. When the current amount of MP is less than 20%, Elegian's Touch expires.
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
DoomsdayDoomsday (Casting)
MP 127
Calls forth a giant Meteor at the cursor location within 14 meters, inflicting 1925 [Fire] damage to foes and knockback foes.
Part Break: Lv. 2
Stagger: Mid-High
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity

Sorceress - Combo

Sorceress Combo

Currently Unavailable. This section will be updated as soon as possible.

Sorceress - Skins (Outfits)

Sorceress Skins

Currently Unavailable. This section will be updated as soon as possible.

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