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Halo Infinite | Best Weapons & Guns Tier List
Halo Infinite | Best Weapons & Guns Tier List - GameWith

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Halo Infinite | Best Weapons & Guns Tier List

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Check out the Best Weapon and Guns Ranking for Halo Infinite! This includes gun strengths & weaknesses, ranking, tier list, loadout, weapon traits, & more!

Table of Contents

Halo Infinite Tier List Criteria

Weapon Tier System

S TierMust-use weapons
A TierTop-tier alternatives
B TierDecent options
C TierNon-essential. but reliable weapons
D TierWeapons you should not use

With 22 weapons to pick from in Halo Infinite, not all of them can be great to use.

Some are better than others so we have made a weapon tier list to help you out.

Ease of Use & Overall Versatility

This weapon ranking takes into account every weapon's overall versatility and ease of use.

Ranking Based on Ranked/Multiplayer Matches

This ranking is purely based on how well a weapon does in Ranked/Multiplayer matches.

This is due to campaign mode having different variables.

Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List

Best Weapons Ranking Table

Videos Used For Reference

S Tier: Best Guns & Weapons

BR75 Battle Rifle

The go-to weapon in Ranked, this weapon is extremely reliable and highly devastating.

- Good ADS
- Incredible Accuracy
- Effective From Short-Medium Range
-Bad At Long Range

S7 Sniper Rifle

The classic sniper rifle in Halo. Remained unchanged over the years.

-1 headshot / 2 body-shots for instant kill
-Effective at holding angles
-Deals high damage
-Must have good aim
-Bad at close range

Energy Sword

Image Credit: 343 Studios

It’s a melee weapon that greatly extends your lunge distance while killing instantly any enemy you hit with it.

-Can be lethal to enemies & vehicles
-Has a multi-kill potential especially in close ranges
-Can instant kill an enemy with 1 rocket
-Battery life degrades after every strike
-Allows only one-handed use

M41 Spnkr

The M41 Spnkr, or the Rocket Launcher has dual rocket tubes loaded with some highly explosive missiles.

-Strongest melee weapon in Halo
-Can instant kill an enemy if timed correctly
-A good combination with grappleshots
-Must have good positioning & movement for effective use
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A Tier: Best Guns & Weapons

Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle is a much lighter long-range power weapon.

An alternative to the Sniper Rifle.

-Can instant kill with a headshot
-Damage can spread between grouped enemies
-Can disable vehicles for a short duration
-Body shots are unimpressive
-Has a small magazine capacity (4 rounds)
-Slow fire rate
-Scope lacks variability


A revolver/hand cannon that is more of a slug-shooter, firing large, high-power rounds instead of a pellet spread.

-Effective from close to med ranges
-Can kill an enemy with 3 to 4 shots
-Melee is stronger than the traditional one
-Can set up a 1 shot + melee combo for the kill
-Has a small magazine capacity (8 rounds)
-Slow fire rate
-Must have good aim
-Bad at long ranges

CQS48 Bulldog

This weapon serves as the default kinetic shotgun in Halo Infinite.

Bulldog still is pump-action but it’s fully automatic.

-Can kill an enemy with 3 shots
-Effective from close range
-Fast fire rate
-Fast reload time
-Decent magazine capacity (7 rounds)
-Ineffective in wide-open maps
-Low Damage (Does not have a 1 shot killing potential)

Gravity Hammer

Image Credit: 343 Studios

The Gravity Hammer returns but feels a little different compared to previous Halo titles.

Its area-of-effect blast is now much bigger but also feels very focused directly in front of you.

-Can wipe out enemy teams if they are all grouped together
-Can be a great flanking weapon
-Deals massive damage
-Slow handling /wielding
-Requires good timing to use effectively
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B Tier: Best Guns & Weapons


A versatile weapon that deals a ton of damage as a shotgun should, but it is worth noting that it fires much fewer pellets than the Bulldog.

Has 2 reticles (Always set it to vertical).

-Effective from close to med ranges
-Has a 1/2 pump killing potential
-A great secondary weapon
-Poor accuracy because of its few pellets

Sentinel Beam

A pinpoint beam of energy that comes from the barrel of the weapon.

Tracking must keep contact with the target in order to deal damage over time.

-Effective from close to far ranges
-Can shred shields fast
-Has a fast ttk
-Good against light vehicles
-Has hard recoil control
-Fast ammo consumption

VK78 Commando

The VK78 Commando is a completely new UNSC weapon that sits between the Assault Rifle and Battle Rifle as a precision tactical rifle.

-Effective from close to med ranges
-Versatile weapon that can serve many functions
-Can deal good damage
-Has a slow fire rate
-Hard to control recoil
-Small magazine capacity (20 rounds)

M40 Assault Rifle

The M40 features a high rate of fire, a 36-round magazine, & decent handling, making it a versatile close-range weapon.

-Effective from close to med ranges
-Good accuracy
-Bullets do not deal enough damage
-BR75 Battle Rifle is so much better overall

MK50 Sidekick

The standard pistol in Halo Infinite.

The MK50 Sidekick is nothing quite like the fearsome M6D Magnum Pistol from Halo: Combat Evolved

-Has good headshot damage
-Can be lethal to enemies with no shields
-Has good magazine capacity (12 rounds)
-Decent fire rate
-A good secondary weapon
-Accuracy can be hard to control sometimes
-Ineffective at long ranges


The Cindershot is a completely new Forerunner weapon in Halo Infinite.

It’s basically a grenade launcher, like a Forerunner version of the Hydra.

-Good crowd-control weapon
-Useful ADS mode
-Can deal good area damage
-Can eliminate Spartan with 2 direct shots
-Bouncing grenades are hard to control at first
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C Tier: Best Guns & Weapons

Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle takes the place of the old Beam Rifle, serving the role of a semi-automatic sniper rifle.

-Decent fire rate
-Effective at long ranges
-Can kill an enemy with 3 headshots
-Decent magazine capacity (7 rounds)
-Deals low damage
-Ineffective at close range


The UNSC Hydra is a kind of rocket launcher-grenade launcher hybrid that fires small micro-missiles that can lock onto enemy infantry.

-Effective from close-far ranges
-Has a lock-on function
-Effective against vehicles
-Slow reload time
-Small magazine capacity (6 rounds)


The Disruptor is an automatic pistol that is a fair bit better than the Plasma Pistol.

The Disruptor is essentially the Shock Rifle, but in pistol form.

-High fire rate
-Can burn shields effectively
-Good against vehicles
-Has a small magazine capacity
-Deals relatively low damage

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol makes a reappearance as a weapon in Halo Infinite.

This time it can no longer EMP vehicles.

-Can instantly break overshield with its charge shot
-Effective from medium range
-Weapon has poor tracking
-Bad at close range


The Skewer is a long-range sniper weapon that also has the vehicular destruction abilities and appearance of a rocket launcher.

-Can instantly kill a Spartan with 1 spike
-Very effective against vehicles
-Slow handling
-Slow reload time
-One round per magazine makes it less viable
-Shots must be lead on / not direct hit


The Covenant’s classic rapid-fire SMG is back in Halo Infinite with more pink crystals to fire.

-Enemy must be wide open for this gun to be completely effective
-Has a high ttk/fire rate
-Can kill enemies instantly if needles can hit
-lethal in close range
-Not good in high ranked / pro play
-Has bad tracking
-Not effective in med-far ranges
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D Tier: Best Guns & Weapons


The Ravager is a brand-new Banished grenade launcher-like weapon in Halo Infinite that packs a punch with a volley of exploding plasma balls.

-Good area control weapon
-Overheats quickly
-Deals low damage
-Not effective in wide-open maps
-Easily dodgeable

Plasma Carbine

This new Halo Infinite weapon combines the classic Plasma Rifle and Covenant Carbine into a close-to-medium range, burst-fire rifle.

-Fair tracking potential
-Plasma projectiles are way too slow
-Easily dodgeable by enemies
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