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How To Create Best FUT Squads - Tips And Guide
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How To Create Best FUT Squads - Tips And Guide

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Learn how to create the best Squad in FIFA Ultimate Team! Read up on information about Card Packs, the Transfer Market, Teammate Chemistry, and more to create the best club in FUT!

How To Create Best FUT Squads - Tips And Guide

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Things That Make A Squad Strong


Players are heart of your squad. Getting high rated players is the best way to quickly strengthen your team.

Get Good Players By Packs

Opening packs is one of the main ways you will be able to acquire players for your squad. There are different packs that contain different card types and rarities!

Check Out Card Packs Guide

Transfer Market

In the transfer market, you can buy players using FUT Coins. FUT Coins is the in-game currency you can earn by playing games.


Chemistry is another parameter of team strength. It's a compatibility value among team members. There are few tips to increase chemistry. Check them out in the table below!

ColorPrevious TeamNationalityLeague

Chemistry types affecting the above table will still need to be confirmed. This will be updated as soon as more information if found.

Formation and Strategy

Formations and systems dictate how your team will approach the game and how they will try to score goals. Learn some formations to further improve how well your team will perform!

Squad Tips

Choose The Most Efficient Players Within Your Budget

If you don't want to bust the bank, and still help improve your team, you should watch out for some cheap players in the Transfer Market. Some of these players will improve your team at a fraction of the cost!

Check Out Best Cheap Players in FUT

Chemistry Types Boost Certain Attributes

Chemistry Types are boosts that affect your player's attributes based on how high or low your player and teammate chemistry is. Each Chemistry Style affects different kinds of attributes.

Player Chemistry

Player Chemistry can be improved by putting players who share the same nationality or team next to each other. See whether you have good player chemistry by checking the line between players. Red being the worst, while green, the best.

Team Chemistry

Team Chemistry is another factor to boosting your attributes. This shows the overall chemistry of the whole team and can be seen at the top right.

Chemistry Style Table

Chemistry StyleBoosted Attributes
Basic↑PAC, ↑SHO, ↑PAS, ↑DRI, ↑DEF, ↑PHY
Sniper↑↑↑SHO, ↑↑↑DRI
Finisher↑↑↑SHO, ↑↑↑PHY
Deadeye↑↑↑ SHO, ↑↑↑ PAS
Marksman↑↑SHO, ↑↑DRI, ↑↑PHY
Hawk↑↑PAC, ↑↑SHO, ↑↑PHY
Artist↑↑↑PAS, ↑↑↑DRI
Architect↑↑↑PAS, ↑↑↑PHY
Powerhouse↑↑↑PAS, ↑↑↑DEF
Maestro↑↑SHO, ↑↑PAS, ↑↑DRI
Engine↑↑PAC, ↑↑PAS, ↑↑DRI
Sentinel↑↑↑DEF, ↑↑↑PHY
Guardian↑↑↑DRI, ↑↑↑DEF
Gladiator↑↑↑SHO, ↑↑↑DEF
Backbone↑↑PAS, ↑↑DEF, ↑↑PHY
Anchor↑↑PAC, ↑↑DEF, ↑↑PHY
Hunter↑↑↑PAC, ↑↑↑SHO
Catalyst↑↑↑PAC. ↑↑↑PAS
Shadow↑↑↑PAC, ↑↑↑DEF
Wall↑↑DIV, ↑↑HAN, ↑↑KIC
Shield↑↑KIC, ↑↑REF, ↑↑SPD
Cat↑↑REF, ↑↑SPD, ↑↑POS
Glove↑↑DIV, ↑↑HAN, ↑↑POS
GK Basic↑DIV, ↑HAN, ↑KIC, ↑REF, ↑SPD, ↑POS

Attributes - Abbreviation Table


Formation, Strategies And Tactics

Get to know more about the formation of your team to better understand your gameplay in future matches.

Check Out Recommended Formations

Check And Compare Best Squads

Check the latest and trendy squads at Futhead. These will give you another way to compare your Squad, and ideas of ways to better to improve your FUT Squad!

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