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Kiara (Heaven's Hole) Walkthrough | CCC EX Special Event
FGO | Kiara (Heaven's Hole) Walkthrough | CCC EX Special Event | Fate/Grand Order

FGO | Fate/Grand Order
Kiara (Heaven's Hole) Walkthrough | CCC EX Special Event

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FGO(Fate/Grand Order) CCC Event Kiara (Heaven's Hole) Walkthrough! Recommended Servants, Craft Essences, Party Formation and more! If you are having a hard time with this High Difficulty Quest, this article is for you!



Kiara (Heaven's Hole) Battle Basic Info

AP Cost5
BossesBeast III/R
First Time

Quest Enemies

Heaven's Hole(獣)

『Kiara (Heaven's Hole) Battle 』Tips

『Kiara (Heaven's Hole) Battle 』Key Points

【key points】

  • It's possible to weaken Kiara with KP
  • Impossible to continue without spending KP
  • Every turn the Enemy is going to reduce your NP
  • Critical Party is more likely to be crashed
  • Enemy Card Resistance makes it difficult to gain the NP with Arts and Quick cards
  • Purchasing items as you progress through the Mission(s) is welcome
  • As she becomes weak after Debuffs, DEF based Party can stand well

『Kiara (Heaven's Hole) 』Enemy Gimmick Summary

Continuous Effect・Use KP that you get from the Missions for Debuff and Effect Removal
1st HP Gauge Break・Self NP DMG UP(5T)
We recommend to prevent the next NP attack using Invincibility, Evasion or Charge Reduction
2nd HP Gauge Break・Self ATK UP(1T)
As even with a defense buff you are going to take a large amount of damage, use it on the turn when she releases the NP.

Beast III/R's class Affinity

Kiara (Heaven's Hole) is effective only against Moon Cancer and Alter Ego, because she deals 1.2 times more damage to them. As for other classes including Berserker and Ruler, she deals and take 100% damage.

ExcAŋra Mainiiu with Bond CE
200%ATK to Beast Class

『Kiara (Heaven's Hole)』Gimmick

Debuff Item sold at the Shop

Kiara (Heaven's Hole) use「魔性菩薩」to summon high HP Enemies. However, when you purchase .

Recommended Items

Although all of the items there are important,「メルトちゃんデスwhip」for Heaven's Hole form is a must. In general, you want items that will reduce damage received from Kiara(Heaven's Hole), Card Resistance items to equip on attackers and Arts Resistance Down for your Supports.

Play Arts if you don't have many KP

To complete the Quest with low amount of KP, we recommend to form a Party based on Arts attackers. This way there will be almost only Arts cards in the Party and you don't need to buy anything other than items to counter Arts Debuffs.


▲Arts Resistance Down helps you increase NP Gain Rate to use the NP more often.

NP Charge⇒Multi Target NP

Kiara uses NP charging skill to attack all your Servants with her multi-target NP. However, after utilizing KP Kiara's NP won't do much damage and you can easily endure with DEF UP. Or you could use Seal, NP seal or Stun when she got 4 NP charges.


▲Her Charm effect is another thing that may cause you trouble. We recommend to buy at least 2 of these.

Stronger Normal Attacks after the 2nd HP Gauge Break

After Kiara's (Heaven's Hole) 2nd HP Gauge Break she gets a strong ATK UP buff (1T). She can cause 7000 DMG even if it's not a critical attack. Try to break the enemy NP gauge at the same time when she is going to use NP. After that counter the whole thing with Invincibility skill.

▲Even though she can't surprise you with an unexpected NP attack, after the 2nd HP Gauge Break she activates a serious damage buff.

You can always rely on Mash


Kiara does a lot of attacks that are hard to evade. So you got to be careful of Critical Attacks and the multi-target NP that she helps to charge with her skill. However, she can't break through DEF UP effects, which makes it possible to counter her Mash and 4★ CE Iron-Willed Training.

Counter Critical Attacks in Long Battle

Other than the NP, Kiara can deal a bunch of damage with critical attacks. We recommend a 3 turn lasting DEF UP effect or Critical Effectiveness DOWN to endure.


▲Reduce critical damage by half using Critical Rate Debuff

「賢者カプセル」if Battle lasts too long

Kiara's (Heaven's Hole) restores 5000 HP every turn. As Healing effectiveness UP effect will follow, DEF Party's damage might not overcome the amount of the HP she recovers. It's essential that you remove it with「賢者カプセル」.


▲When the HP effects stack, Kiara can restore tens of thousands HP by turn 10.

Using 4★ Iron-Willed Training

DEF UP Craft Essence will help

The more defense you got the less damage you get. Iron-Willed Training that increases your defense will make things much easier for you.

TIPS:『DEF Effectiveness』
40% DEF UP basically means you receive 4 times less damage.
Plus if an enemy is affected by 20% ATK DOWN you receive 60% less damage in total.
If DMG Debuff stacks up to 100% consequently you receive 0 damage.

Tamamo+Mash Walkthrough

PreparationEquip 4★ CE Iron-Willed Training on Mash. If equipped on a Friend Servant Tamamo, she can handle the whole Quest alone.
OpeningWhen Tamamo and Mash draw Arts cards, Amadeus increasing C. Star Drop Rate+Arts Effectiveness with his skills can trigger the NP instantly. Amadeus is more likely to be defeated quickly due to his low amount of HP.
Main PartMash's NP and skills which increase defense cannot be countered. You can just make Arts chains as usual. Tamamo's Arts effectiveness helps her gain the NP to recover HP. By timing Tamamo's skill 2 DEF UP to counter the enemy's NP you reduce its damage to zero.

Your Walkthrough Party

Low Rarity Party except Friend

Opening・When Hundred Persona and Tamamo got lots of Arts card, use Amadeus's Star Drop Rate UP+Arts effectiveness UP skills.
・He is more likely to be defeated quickly due to his low amount of HP.
・There is nothing else that can help you gain the NP and damage, focus on Arts and NP attacks only.
・After Mash enters the battle, in order to be safe and keep your DEF UP buffs, use Focus Target or Invincible effects.
・Hundred Persona's NP Effect reduces Enemy Critical effectiveness and increases the amount of NP gained with Arts.
Enemy NP・Tamamo's NP effect reduces ally skill CT by 1 turn and she also got a skill that reduces enemy NP gauge charge by 1 at lvl 10. Thus you can use Invincibility or Evasion more efficiently.
・It could be something like this: Hundred Persona uses Evasion, Mash casts Invincibility on herself, Tamamo combines his DEF UP skill with Mash's NP or skill.
・If you equip Mystic Code "Atlas" you can reduce Skill's CT by 2 turns and apply Invincibility.
HP Gauge Break・By using all of that for every turn she releases the NP you should be able to cope with her after HP Gauge Break.
・Only after the 2nd HP Gauge Break DEF UP might not be enough, so we recommend to use Master Skill "Evasion".

Servants who counter Kiara

Recommended Attackers

As Kiara does a lot of critical damage, attackers who's NP Effect or Skill can activate Decrease Critical Rate or Decrease ATKeffects for 3 turns would be great. Also, we recommend to choose Servants with 2 or more Arts Cards, because Successive Support NPs are essential.

・Her NP Effect has a chance to reduce Enemy Charge. ATK DOWN&Critical Rate Down (3T) skills are also great
・Self Evasion and a powerful DEF UP buffs both counter the enemy NP.
Altria (Archer)のアイコンAltria (Archer)
・All Ally DEF UP (3T) skill is excellent
・It's possible to use successively her single target NP that has a chance to Reduce enemy Charge
・However, due to the probability, you can't always expect to prevent the enemy from triggering the NP when it's fully charged
・Due to her Self Healing Skill you can safely equip an ATK CE such as "The Black Grail" if her NP is level 2 or above.
Nero Claudius (Bride)のアイコンNero (Bride)
・Her Critical Rate DOWN NP effect for 5 turns!
・Possible to trigger several NPs by using NP Gain UP effect on herself
・It's easy to make use of her DEF DOWN NP Effect (5T) to do a lot of damage
Chloe von EinzbernのアイコンChloe
・Has Critical Rate DOWN (3T) NP effect
・Her NP Effect won't go due to 2 efficient Arts Cards and a skill that charges the NP by 50%(max level)
・Has an Evasion skill
Hassan of the Hundred PersonaのアイコンHundred Persona
・An Efficient Critical Rate DOWN (3T) NP Effect
・Has Arts Effectiveness Down debuff and can help your Arts Party to gain the NP quicker
・Has an Evasion Skill
・Healing Skill has a demerit, so you should use it with caution
・As her NP Effect charges allies' NPs, she can help Supports with DEF NP a lot
・Her Stan and Heal can also provide some support

Recommended Supports

To counter Kiara's multitarget NP and critical attacks, supports who can apply DEF UP to all allies would be great. If there are servants who can reduce her NP charge, it's going to be much easier to time Invincibility for your allies to counter her NP.

・Her Skill and NP can increase DEF by 50% for all allies for 3 turns
・When Focus Target+Invincibility are used, she can instantly trigger the NP if there are her Arts cards
・As she can reduce the boss's NP charge and her NP effect reduces Skill CT for all allies, your Party will have more chances for Evasion and Invincibility
・If the 3rd Servant in your Party also depend on Arts Chains and NP, while having skills with a short CT, she will fit there perfectly well.
・Grants your Servants Evasion and apply Critical Rate DOWN (3T) to the enemy
・Less likely to fall down in battle if there is ATK DOWN effect of "Iron-Willed Training"
・Because Grant ALL Servant Evasion skill's CT is not short, use the help of Mystic Code "Atlas" or the 3rd servant's support
Jeanne dJeanne d'Arc
・As she can grant all Servant Evasion, all you have to do is just aim for the NP
・If her NP is level 2 or above you can benefit a lot from the DEF UP effect
Thomas EdisonのアイコンThomas Edison (★4)
・His "ATK DOWN" and "NP Seal" NP effects are excellent
・As he got a skill that reduces Skill CT for all allies, you'll have more chances for Evasion and Invincibility.
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartのアイコンAmadeus
・With C. Stars Drop Rate UP (50 Stars MAX lvl) and Arts Effectiveness UP he can gain a bunch of NP on the 1st turn.
・Helps Arts Supports who take a lot of time to trigger their NP
・Due to the low HP he is more likely to be defeated, so the 4th Servant will take his place faster
・The best tactics would to get him killed early in the battle by equipping Focus Target CE

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