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CCC Special Event SE.RA.PH Guide | Fate/EXTRA CCC x FGO

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FGO(Fate/Grand Order) CCC Special Event『SE.RA.PH』Guide! Efficient way to do the Quest, Even Reward Craft Essences, Event Bonus Servants/Event Bonus CE, CCC enemies and more! CCC Event Guide

CCC Event banner

CCC Event Guide

CCC Event Rewards/Summon

About CCC Event

CCC Event basic info

CCC Eventのアイキャッチ画像

【CCC Event Summary:】
・Fate/EXTRA CCC Event
・Chance to obtain BB
・Increase Sakura Enemy Spawn Rate by equipping 5★ Event Reward CE
・Increase Sakura Chip Drop Amount by equipping 4★ Event Reward CE
・Equip Event Gacha CE to Increase the number of corresponding enemies

Event Period04-23 04:00 - 05-15 20:59 PDT
EligibilityComplete "Final Singularity"
One Summer
Premonition of...
Event Bonus
GilgameshのアイコンTamamo-no-MaeのアイコンFrancis DrakeのアイコンKarnaのアイコンNero Claudius (Bride)のアイコンMeltryllisのアイコンNero ClaudiusのアイコンEmiyaのアイコンElisabeth BathoryのアイコンTamamo CatのアイコンNursery RhymeのアイコンLi ShuwenのアイコンTristanのアイコンGawainのアイコンVlad III (EXTRA)のアイコンEmiya (Alter)のアイコンPassionlipのアイコンSuzuka GozenのアイコンBBのアイコンRobin HoodのアイコンCu ChulainnのアイコンLu Bu FengxianのアイコンAndersenのアイコン

Efficient way to complete CCC Event

Most Efficient Way:

1Clear Act1 (1/6)
2Clear Act1 (2/6)
3Clear Act1 (3/6)
4Clear Act1 (4/6)
※no battles
5Clear Act1 (5/6)
6Complete following Mission in Open Eyes
・Compleate 10 Quests on the Head
Get Sakura Moneyサクラマネーのアイコン x300
7ゲートキーのアイコンExchange Gate Key(Church Key)(サクラマネーのアイコンx200)
Act1 (6/6)
Free Quest Portpia Thigh appears
8Clear Act1 (6/6)
※no battles
9Complete following Mission in Portpia Thigh
・Defeat 30 Type Ⅰ enemies
・Defeat 10 "Lawful" Servants
Get Sakura Moneyサクラマネーのアイコン x800
View More Step
10Clear Act2 (1/5)
11ゲートキーのアイコンExchange Gate Key (Separator)(Sakura Moneyのアイコンx300)
Act2 (2/5)
Free Quest Flank Separator appears
12Clear Act2 (2/5)
※no battles
13ゲートキーのアイコンExchange Gate Key (Cat)(Sakura Moneyのアイコンx300)
Act2 (3/5)
Free Quest Serch Arm appearsappears
14Clear Act2 (3/5)
15Clear Act2 (4/5)
※no battles
16Clear the following Quests on Free Quest Umbilical Hair appears:
・Defeat 30 Sakura Worm
Get Sakura MoneySakura Moneyのアイコン x500
17Tickle Tickle HandのアイコンExchange Tickle Tickle Hand(Sakura Moneyのアイコンx400)
Act2 (5/5) unlocks
18Clear Act2 (5/5)
19Clear the following Quests on Serch Arm:
・Compleate 10 Quests on the Hand & Arm
Get Sakura MoneySakura Moneyのアイコン x500
20Clear Act3 (1/3)
21ゲートキーのアイコンExchange Gate Key (Nape)

Act3 (2/3)
Free Quest シークレット・ネープ appears
22Clear Act3 (2/3)
23リップの鍵のアイコンExchange Lip Key(サクラマネーのアイコンx600)
Act3 (3/3) unlocks
24Clear Act3 (3/3)
25[Clear the following Quests on コーディック・ヒップ:
・Defeat 30 Type Ⅲ enemies
・Defeat 30 Shapeshifter enemies
・Defeat 10 "Mythology" Servants
Get Sakura Moneyサクラマネーのアイコン x1400
26Clear Act4 (1/4)
27ゲートキーのアイコンExchange Gate Key (レイ)(サクラマネーのアイコンx600)
Act4 (2/4)
Free Quest アンダーアームレイ appears
28Clear Act4 (2/4)
29Clear the following Quests on コーディックヒップ:
・Defeat 10 "Orient" Servants
・Defeat 10 "Over STR A" Servants

Get Sakura Moneyサクラマネーのアイコン x1300
30ゲートキーのアイコンExchange Gate Key (コースター)
and 鈴鹿の鍵のアイコンSuzuka Key(サクラマネーのアイコンx1300)

Act4 (3/4)
Free Quest スパイナルコースター appears
31Clear Act4 (3/4)
・Defeat 10 "Neutral" Servants
Get Sakura Moneyサクラマネーのアイコン x400
32Clear the following Quests on ブレスト・バレー:
・Defeat 120 Type Ⅰ enemies
Get Sakura Moneyサクラマネーのアイコン x800
33メルトの鍵のアイコンExchange Melt Key(サクラマネーのアイコンx1000)
Act4 (4/4)
Free Quest クルーエルシィーナー appears
34Clear Act4 (4/4)
37Exchange Events Item in KP shop
38Final Actをクリアする
BBのアイコンBB officially add!


EX0※Including BB in your party
EX1ゲートキーのアイコンExchange Gate Key (Dark)(サクラマネーのアイコンx800)
Free Quest Dark Hand appears
※If you Shortage Sakura Money
Clear the following Quests on スパイナル・コースター:
・Defeat 60 Type Ⅲ enemies
EX2[Clear the following Quests on Dark Hand:
・Defeat 60 Type Ⅲ enemies(サクラマネーのアイコン)
・Compleate 10 Quests on the Back Head or Arm(サクラマネーのアイコン)
・Defeat 10 "Silver/White-haired" Servants (WANTED)
・Defeat 60 Sakura Worm (WANTED)
・Defeat 90 Type: Sakura Enemy (WANTED)
・Defeat 160 Shapeshifter (WANTED)
・Defeat 90 TYPE Ⅲ (WANTED)
Get Sakura Moneyサクラマネーのアイコン x1300
EX3[Clear the following Quests on Weakness Ear:
・Defeat 150 Type: Sakura Enemy (サクラマネーのアイコン)
Get Sakura Moneyサクラマネーのアイコン x900
フリクエ「ステーション・サイ」 unlocks・クリアする
『イーターTYPE X』系の敵を20体倒せ unlocks
EX6スタンプ・シィーナーでyou can clear the following Quests:
『イーターTYPE X』系の敵を20体倒せ(WANTED)
『TYPE Ⅱ』系の敵を90体倒せ(WANTED)
残りのフリクエ unlocks・クリアする
EX8Complete all WANTED Quests
EX9Progress through the Missions as much as you can
BBのアイコンBB Final Ascension!
EX12Get Mission Reward
BBのアイコンBB NP Lv.5!
EX13Clear All the Missions
EX14Raining Encounterをクリアする
蛮神の心臓のアイコンHeart of the Foreign Godを5個獲得できる

CCC Event Tips

Complete main Quests to get BB

BB add

Take your time to do all main Quests

In order to get CCC Event Reward『BB』Servant you have to complete all CCC Event Missions. Note that CCC Event takes more time than usual to complete.

Basic Walkthrough:

Step1Unlock Free Quests by completing CCC Event Missions
Step2Farm on Free Quests to progress through the Missions
Step3Exchange Sakura Money for key item when necessary
Step4Use the key item to unlock new Quests
Repeat the same from Step1
Tap to BB - Stats & Review

Complete Missions to Progress through Event


There are 100 Missions in CCC Special Event. Progress through the Event by completing Missions to get necessary Event items such as Gate Key and Items.

WANTED Quests Appear Every Time

As you progress through the Event you will find「WANTED Quest」in every Event Mission. Note, unlike Free Quests in WANTED Quests there's going to be HP Overgauge.

『BB Slot』occasionally appears when you start a battle

BB Slotの画像

In CCC Special Event『BB Slot』sometimes appears at the start of a battle. Various effects are applied randomly depending on the symbols you get there.

CCC Main/Free Quests

CCC Event Quests

Tap to Kiara (魔性菩薩) Walkthrough

CCC Free Quests

Browse Free Quests by Mission Goal

Event Bonus Servants/CE

Event Bonus Servant List

Bonus Servants

There are 26 Servants that will grant you『Sakura Chip Drop UP』 bonus in CCC Event.

Servants who give you +2 Sakura Chip Bonus
Servants who give you +1 Sakura Chip Bonus
If you have versatile Servants suitable for farming such as Tamamo Cat, for example, it's a good idea to focus on their training before CCC Event starts.

Event Bonus CE List

Bonus CE

Equipping CCC Event Bonus Craft Essences will grant you a special bonus in the Event. We strongly recommend to use them as you can get effects such as Spawn More Enemies or Increased Item Drop Amount.

CCC Event Reward CE

One Summer
Event Bonus Effect
Increase appearance rate of [Type: Sakura] enemies by 20~50%

Premonition of...
Event Bonus Effect
Increase amount of Sakura Chip per drop by 1~2

Event Gacha CE

Conquering the...
Event Bonus Effect
Increase appearance rate of [Eater] enemies by 20~50%

Event Bonus Effect
Increase appearance rate of [Shapeshifter] enemies by 20~50%

The Cage
Event Bonus Effect
Increase appearance rate of [TYPE I] enemies by 20~50%

Enemy Spawn Limit

As MAX Enemy Spawn Rate is limited to 100%, even if you reach 200% of the effect, there're still going to be only the fixed amount of enemies. The best probably would be combining MAX Limit Break (50% of the Effect) CEs with not fully Limit Break (20% of the Effect) CEs..

Recommended combinations to reach 100% Spawn Rate

Your CEFriend CETotal
20% x420%100%
20% x350%110%

CCC Event PickUP

CCC Special Event Pickup banner
Summon Period04-23 07:00 - 05-15 20:59 PDT
PickUp Servants
HP:13402 / ATK:11692
HP:12054 / ATK:11380
Suzuka Gozen(4★)
HP:12996 / ATK:10546
Card:BBAAQ / Class:SABER
Tap to Summon Simulator !

CCC Event Reward Review


HP / ATK16542 / 9925(Level max)
Skill1Ten Crowns D(CT:6~4)
Remove Debuffs
+Restore HP[Lv]
+ Apply Debuff Immune (1time,3T) for one ally
Skill2Aurea Boura C(CT:8~6)
Remove Invincible
+ medium chance to inflict Stun
Skill3Self-Modification EX(CT:7~5)
Increase Critical Strength [Lv]
& Critical Star Gather Rate [Lv] for yourself
Deal significant damage to a single enemy [Lv]
+ decrease debuff resist[OC] (3T)
+ Increase NP Gauge for all allies
Great Support Performance and Remarkable Attacker
・Effective agains Avenger Class
・Great Arts Attacker / NP Effect chargers NP gauge of all allies
・Heal, Debuff Removal&Stan Probability UP will help a lot on High Difficulty Quests
・Can stand against single bosses
・Good for High Difficulty Quests and against Story Bosses / not recommended for Farming
Tap to BB - Stats & Review

One Summer(5★)

Obtained from:Event Item Exchange
EffectIncrease Quick Card effectiveness by 8%
Increase NP Strength by 8%
Begin battle with NP charged at 30% for yourself
(Max Limit Break)
Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 10%
Increase NP Strength by 10%
Begin battle with NP charged at 50% for yourself

This CE chargers your NP gauge by 50% MAX at the start of a battle in addition to having Quick Effectiveness UP and NP DMG UP effects. It will definitely come in handy for Farming. However, it may be less valuable in comparison to other enhanced CEs, because its stats are only focused on HP.

Tap to One Summer - Stats

Premonition of Beginnings(4★)

Obtained from:Event Item Exchange
EffectGain 2 additional Gain 2 C.Stars each turn
Increase NP Gauge by 2% each turn for yourself
(Max Limit Break)
Gain 3 C.Stars each turn
Increase NP Gauge by 3% each turn for yourself

This CE lets you gain additional percentage of the NP each turn. Some 5★ CEs have the same Effect as this 4★ Craft Essence.

Tap to Premonition of... - Stats

BB Shot!(4★)

Obtained from:Event Reward

Complete CCC Event Qests to obtain. Although it doesn't have any Effect, it is meant for enhancing other CEs you have. It also gives you more EXP comparing to others. You could keep it as trophy, but we recommend you to utilize it.

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