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Recommended Servants to use Crystallized Lores
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Recommended Servants to use Crystallized Lores

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Here we will introduce the standards for using Crystallized Lores as well as the servants recommened to use them on. This topic is for you if you havn’t made up your mind on which skill to use the Crystallized Lore.

Recommended Servants to use Crystallized Lores


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The servants you should be using

In general, priority goes to the NP gauge charge useful for farming

Prioritizing the skills that change the amount of NP charge

It is recommended to use Crystallized Lores on skills of NP gauge charge. It is especially so if raising the skill level from 9 to 10 would make sufficient NP gauge for farming. Also note that skills that do not change its charging amount would have lower priority.

Servants that have 30% or 50% at SLv10

AstolfoのアイコンSakata KintokiのアイコンSakata Kintoki (Rider)のアイコンFrancis DrakeのアイコンNikola TeslaのアイコンLeonardo da VinciのアイコンBilly the KidのアイコンAltria (Lancer)のアイコンTristanのアイコンChloe von EinzbernのアイコンIshtarのアイコンArcher of Shinjukuのアイコン
SpartacusのアイコンMordredのアイコンMordred (Rider)のアイコンArashのアイコンRyougi Shiki (Assassin)のアイコンMartha (Ruler)のアイコンQuetzalcoatlのアイコンCu Chulainn (Caster)のアイコンGilgameshのアイコン

Servants of which charge amount doesn’t change

Lancelot (Saber)のアイコンArjunaのアイコンKarnaのアイコンJeanne dArthur Pendragon (Prototype)のアイコンMedusaのアイコンGawainのアイコンWilliam ShakespeareのアイコンOzymandiasのアイコンMerlinのアイコンZhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)のアイコン

Prioritizing the skills for which the CT is important

Reducing the skill CT enables mutiple usage of skills in a single battle and the turn in which you receive the skill effects becomes longer. It is strongly recommended if you want to use skills multiple times in the battle or if you want to continuously receive the effect.

Prioritizing the supporters

Supporters are usually composed in decks regardless of their class, therefore used frequently. Especially those with “Avoidance of effect on all”, “Invincibility” or “Increased defense” are frequently used. Supporters should have the priority if your goal is to complete the hot spots of the story or the high difficulties without any C.Spell.

Prioritizing the stability

Apply Debuff which is a probability based skill can land on an opponent without any resistance to Debuff by raising the skill level to 10. Those that have 100% success rate of blocking the opponent’s NP with Decrease Charge or Apply Stun directly affect the operation. Stronger the opponent is, more useful it is.

The servants with the priority of using

Servants with the top priority

ServantsRecommended Skill
SpartacusのアイコンSpartacusUnyielding Will A
From 9⇒10, NP gauge charge increases from 26% to 30%.
Craft Essences with only 50% NP gauge can use NP instantly by Apply 20% NP gauge.
ArashのアイコンArashArrow Construction A
From 9⇒10, NP gauge charge increases from 28% to 30%.
Craft Essences with only 50% NP gauge can use NP instantly by Apply 20% NP gauge.

Servants with the second priority

ServantsRecommended Skill
Mash KyrielightのアイコンMashTransient Wall of Snowflakes
From 9⇒10, skill CT is reduced down to 5.
You can make the turn in which you are receiving the effect longer than the turn you are not receiving by making 3T skill with minimum of CT5.
Shield of Rousing Resolution
Raising the skill level largely upgrades the effect of increased NP gauge obtained, and it becomes a NP gauge charge skill in a practical sense by using it in combination with the Arts of its own.
Obscurant Wall of Chalk
From 9⇒10, it becomes Apply 20% NP Gauge.
Apply Invincibility is also important as it directly affects the survivablity of the whole party.

All these stuff so far should be placed high priority

ServantsRecommended Skill
GeorgiosのアイコンGeorgiosGuardian Knight A+
From 9⇒10, skill CT is reduced down to 5.
You can make the turn longer in which you are receiving the effect by making 3T skill with minimum of CT5.
Survivablity of the whole party is directly affected since it is a target concentration with Increased Defense.
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartのアイコンAmadeusEine kleine Nachtmusik EX
From 9⇒10, the number of C.Stars obtained increases from 44 to 50.
It becomes possible to get criticals with 100% success rate.
DavidのアイコンDavidHarp of Healing B
It is a countermeasurement against the opponent’s NP and the skill CT of “Apply Evade for all allies” down to 6 for one time.
Usable since the first ascension, a superior skill that CT has 1 less turn than Merlin’s Grant All Invincibility.

Servants that may be worth leveling up

ServantsRecommended Skill
Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)のアイコンZhuge Liang
(El-Melloi II)
All Skill
Used very frequently. Often times used as a friend slot and earns you friend points if you level it up.
MerlinのアイコンMerlinAll Skill
Merlin is recommended for the same reason as Zhuge Liang. You will see no situations like “I leveled it though I actually didn’t need it..”

Who should you use the first obtained Crystallized Lore on?


NP Gauge Charge of “Arrow Construction” becomes 30%

NP of Arash has not only a very high damage, but also an ability to make his state “unable to fight” by himself so that it is easy to switch with the next servant, making it a good candidate for farming. Since it is easy to grant 20% NP by support skills, just the 50% NP Charge from the event Craft Essence makes it easier to use instant NP.

Tap to Arash - Stats & Review


NP Charge of “Unyielding Will A” becomes 30%

Spartacus is an omni-NP berserker of which attack has advantage over almost all classes, making it suitable for farming. Since it is easy to grant 20% NP by support skills, just the 50% NP Charge from the event Craft Essence makes it easier to use instant NP.

Tap to Spartacus - Stats & Review


Once you have setup for farming, get ready for the strong enemies

Once you don’t have to struggle with the easy farming, Matthew is the recommended piece which is frequently utilized at difficult points of the story or in the high difficulty quests. Similarily to ★1, it uses very little skill materials or QP consumption and grants you great effects at low cost. At first, skill 1 is our recommendation for the purpose of reducing the CT.

Tap to Mash - Stats & Review

There can be some exceptions as to the priority order

If you possess any NP Charge CE

If you have more than one of “The Imaginary Element” with max limit break or Kaleidoscope. NP Charge Skill of Arash or Spartacus can use instant NP without leveling to 10. Lvl 10 is a huge merit although having multiples, but the priority would still go down.

If you possess Zhuge Liang

If you have Zhuge Liang in your hand, you can grant a total of 50% NP to a single card by borrowing another Zhuge Liang from one of your friends. By combining with Chaldea’s combat uniform “Order Change”, you can choose to postpone the training/raising for the one who has a NP Charge Skill of 30%

Possessing any that has more than 30% of NP Charge Skill

Servants with NP Charge Skill of 30%〜50%, although mostly limited to ★5Servants”, can use instant NP at ease since level 1. Although there are advantages regardless of classes such as ★1 Arash or Spartatcus leaving due to being unable to fight, the priority can be somewhat lowered.

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