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Recommended Servants for Palingenesis - by role
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Recommended Servants for Palingenesis - by role

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On this page you'll find which Servants we recommend for Palingenesis in FGO (Fate/Grand Order), categorizing them by role. We have advice on farming, high-level Quests, and Servants who operate differently with Grail Ascension, so use this as your guide when it comes to utilizing your Holy Grails in FGO.

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Tips on the most effective way to use Holy Grails

Prioritize Servants with increased Noble Phantasm damage

Make your choice taking into account NP level

It tends to be the case that damage from a 3★ Servant's Lv.5 NP is equal to that of a 5★ Servant's Lv.2 NP. Essentially, for Servants with low stats, the higher their level of Noble Phantasm the more damage they can deal out.

Other points to consider on NP damage

For a 5★ Servant with a Lv.2 NP or above, although each Grail Ascension may be less efficient, they get excellent Status growth, making 5★ a good choice. Also, other than NP damage, hink about how you will deploy your Servant, what Skills they have, and so on.

Focus on changes in operation

How you use Servants changes as their Status rises

Grail Ascensions are particularly effective for those Servants with unappealing Command Cards due to their low ATK. There are many such Servants whose operation can greatly change once their Cards become more appealing, such as "Sasaki Kojiro" and "Billy the Kid".

Other points to consider on operation purpose

Even by using Holy Grails on Low Star Servants, their stats won't reach those of High Star servants at the same level. It tends to be the case that for each star of rarity there is a difference in stats of about ten levels. Also, you should pay attention to HP as well as ATK.

Prioritize your favorite characters

FGO has so many appealing characters - and it is possible to progress through the game even if you use your Grails only on those Servants you just happen to like the most.

Tap to How to use Holy Grails

List of recommended Servants for Grail Ascension to aid farming

to aid farming

There's no need to level up to Lv.100
・Aim for around 30,000 individual damage for an Area of Effect NP
・When an Area of Effect NP can deal over 100,000 damage its suitability for third wave attacks increases
・The aim for a single enemy NP excellent for farming is around 300,000 damage
・The number of necessary Grail Ascensions changes with the Craft Essence held and NP level
・We recommend checking suitability in battle before making Grail Ascensions


・Increased NP damage to make up for low ATK
・Effective in high-level Quests
・Goes from Lv.60 to Lv.70 with one Grail

When it comes to farming in FGO we have to talk about this Servant. Being able to deal over 30,000 damage to single enemies widens his range of use greatly. He can also be effective as an attack unit for some high-level Quests.

Tap to Arash - Stats & Review


・Increased NP damage to make up for low ATK
・Goes from Lv.60 to Lv.70 with one Grail

Along with "Arash", this Servant has to be mentioned when talking about farming. Because he's a Berserker he performs well in almost all kinds of farming runs. His excess HP recovery at Lv.60 can also be fully utilized by Grail Ascension.

Tap to Spartacus - Stats & Review


・High frequency of use in farming runs
・Used effectively with rises in damage
・Recommended for Use many times NP & Critical attacks

Can generate massive amounts of Stars with his NP, and by using his own Skill, is able to deal huge Critical damage. Critical hits are this Servant's specialty, so consider him for Grail Ascension from NP Lv.1.

Tap to Lancelot - Stats & Review

Mordred (Rider)(4★)

・NP enables more Overkill
・Get NP gains from NP
・Increases the number of possible Quests for farming

By putting together the right party formation, this Servant can farm Quests very effectively. If her NP is leveled up she may not need a Grail Ascension, but she’s a particular recommendation if you hold a compatible Servant such as "Nero (Bride)".

Tap to Mordred (Rider) - Stats & Review


・High-level NP for an Event reward Servant
・With an NP gauge charge, useful for farming
・Can be effective even in high-level Quests

A Servant with a wide range of uses - an NP gauge charge for farming, and Evasion to self and Sure Hit for high-level Quests. With Grail Ascension she becomes even more useful - particularly recommended if you hold few Archers.

Tap to Chloe - Stats & Review


・Special Attack damage that surpasses ★5 Servant NPs
・Effective against similar level opponents
・Top tier Servant against individual Male enemies
・Useful against many Male Avenger enemies

This Servant’s single target NP Special Attack to Male enemies. Even without Grail Ascension she has awesome firepower, but with Grail Ascension she can used in more situations where she doesn’t have Class advantage. Recommended if you have few attack units suited to high-level quests.

Tap to Euryale - Stats & Review


・Further increase damage with a high-powered NP
・Can charge NP gauge 30%
・Becomes useful even for high-level Quests

A Saber Servant whose Skills and NP together deal out huge damage - and with Grail Ascension he can dish out even more. Although Low Star, he is not in the permanent Summoning pool, so consider his NP level before using Grails on him.

Tap to Bedivere - Stats & Review


・Further increase damage with a high-powered NP
・Usability increases with a higher survival rate

A Rider Servant with a high-powered single target NP, and unusually, an Evade Skill. With Grail Ascension the damage she deals can be increased even further. Recommended if you have few Rider Class Servants with a single target NP.

Tap to Ushiwakamaru - Stats & Review

Recommended Servants for Grail Ascension for high-level Quests

Points to remember for high-level Quests

Leveling up 5★ Berserker and Extra Class Servants to Lv.100 is recommended
・With Class affinity, become effective in various high-level situations
・Servants with Special Attacks targeted at many enemies are recommended

Cu Chulainn (Alter)(5★)

・Inconsistent at Lv.90, but solid in high-level situations at Lv.100

With appealing basic stats, any rises in ATK and HP have direct results in fighting performance, so well suited to Enhancement. Benefits from additions such as Fou Cards, and fits into most parties, regardless of the enemy Class or number. Worthy of investing rare items.

Tap to Cu Chulainn (Alter) - Stats & Review


・Further enhance his particular talents in attack
・A Specialist Attack effective in many situations
・With an NP charge, also superb at farming

This Servant has a NP with a Special Attack effective against almost all other Servants, excluding a small number. When maximized, he can get a 30% NP charge, so as farming personnel he is also worth considering for Grail Ascension.

Tap to Gilgamesh - Stats & Review

Amakusa Shirou(5★)

・Overkill is easily achieved with a NP Brave Chain
・Can be used regardless of Class affinit

A top tier Servant with an Area of Effect NP that removes all enemies’ buffs. A great advantage is that as a Ruler he can be employed against enemies of all Classes. Also recommended as over short battles reusing his Stun Skill and NP means huge differences in damage given out.

Tap to Amakusa Shirou - Stats & Review

Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)(5★)

・Increases Critical damage
・Makes even better use of a high maximum ATK

Grail Ascension enhances even further this Servant’s specialism in Critical damage. Also, Avengers have a base attack multiple of 1.1, so the benefit of an increased ATK is greater compared to other Classes.

Tap to Jeanne Alter - Stats & Review


・Can make up for a low damage NP
・Easy to extend damage with her Special Attack
・Has an Area of Effect NP that increases Star generation and absorption so also suited to farming

Has a Special Attack NP targeted against most enemies - with the Demonic trait, and Sky and Earth attributes. A top performer in high level Quests battling multiple Servants of mixed Class. In a farming party utilized for Critical attacks she can fulfill a Star generation role.

Tap to Minamoto-no-Raikou - Stats & Review


・Take advantage of a high-rate defense buff
・Removes enemy buffs so consistently useful

A Berserker suited to high-level Quests due to her ability to remove an enemy’s buffs. Another plus point is that as a 4★ Servant she can rise 10 levels with only 2 Grails. By raising her HP with Grail Ascension, you can take full advantage of her high-rate defense buff.

Tap to Ibaraki-Douji - Stats & Review

Increasing versatility with Holy Grails - important points

Increasing versatility

The following issues can be resolved with Grail Ascension
①:A Servant with a low basic ATK, and unappealing Command Cards
(3 turn Star absorption and high Card performance etc.)
⇒Becomes an attack unit, Cards’ appeal increases
②:A Servant with a low basic HP, struggles as a support unit in prolonged battles
⇒Take advantage of superior Skills and NPs
③:A problematic Servant when compared to a 5★ with the same Class and role
⇒Can become the optimum option with Grail Ascension
 Similarly handled, these are advantages that only Holy Grails can bring

Sasaki Kojirou(1★)

・Can become an attack unit by compensating for a low basic stats
・Easy to reach maximum Star generation rate, and with a Quick Chain NP get 50 Stars and aim for Overcharge
・With 3 turn Star absorption, can use Star gains for self
・Take advantage of his ability as a team player
Tap to Sasaki Kojirou - Stats & Review

Billy the Kid(3★)

・Make up for weaknesses in basic stats that make this Servant a hard pick - although to take full advantage a High Star support unit is required
・His high-rate increases in Critical damage are a High Star level source of attack
・For “Break” battles take advantage of a NP Overcharge effect that reduces the enemies’ Critical hit chances
Tap to Billy the Kid - Stats & Review

Hans Christian Andersen(★2)

・Maximum HP increase is a huge bonus
・Easy to compensate for “Innocent Monster” defense demerit
・Can deal out formidable damage with own Critical attacks
・Like Servants such as Jeanne d’Arc, a great choice for a tank-like Critical damage dealing Party
Tap to Andersen - Stats & Review

Leonidas I(2★)

・Makes it more possible to use a NP that draws enemy attacks towards him
・Becomes useful in Parties that emphasize Star generation and the Buster bonus
Leonidas I - Stats & Review

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