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Welcome to the FGO(Fate/GrandOrder) Guide! This guide offers an in-depth look at the latest news, events, servants database, play tips, and more.

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The Grand Temple of Time Solomon

The Grand Temple of Time Solomon Banner
Release Date2018-12-20 23:00 PST

Solomon Pickup Summon

Solomon Pickup Summon Banner
Summon Period2018-12-20 23:00 - 12-31 23:59 PST
Pickup Servant
HP:14259 / ATK:10546
Card:BAAAQ / Class:CASTER"bolder"}]

Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

Release Date2018-12-05 23:00 PST

Babylonia Pickup Summon

Summon Period2018-12-05 23:00 - 12-31 23:59 PST
Pickup Servant
HP:15300 / ATK:10780
HP:13275 / ATK:9348
HP:14507 / ATK:9119


What is FGO?

FGO (Fate/Grand Order) is a free-to-play mobile game based on the “Fate” series from the Japanese game company TYPE-MOON.

Battle with over 200 heroic spirits of the past

Summon historical figures and mythological heroes familiar from the original “Fate” series and battle with them in this turn-based RPG adventure.

Each hero, or “Servant”, has their own special killer move, known as a “Noble Phantasm”.


▲The ancient Egyptian king “Ozymandias”. Attacks his enemies by raining down fire from the sky.


▲”EMIYA” (Archer) from the “Fate” series makes an appearance.

This profoundly imagined game scenario compares with the original series

A superb writing team, including Kinoko Nasu who worked on the first “Fate” series of visual novels and games, has created a deeply complex scenario for this game, much superior to other works of a similar type.

Conversation scene with Mash

▲The Servant ”Mash” dotes on the protagonist of the game as her “Senior”. Join her in an adventure to save the world.

The greatests Holy Grail War in human history begins!

The objective of the game FGO is to travel to various “singularities” in space and time and correct “historical anomalies”.

▲Set in America’s pioneering age - ”North American Myth War: E Pluribus Unum”.

▲Set in the Britain in 1273 - ”Divine Realm of the Round Table – Camelot”.

"TYPE-MOON" Collaboration Events

Collaboration Events are held in FGO based on material from the original developers of the “Fate” series TYPE-MOON.

A great deal of effort has been put into scenarios for these events, as you’d expect with TYPE-MOON collaborating on their own work.

▲The “Fate/Accel Zero Order Event” in collaboration with “Fate/Zero” - the writer in charge of this Event was Gen Urobuchi, author of the original “Fate/Zero” novel.

▲The original writer of the “Fate” series Kinoko Nasu took charge of the scenario for ”Kara no Kyoukai - the Garden of Order Event”.

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