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Learn All Your Slayer Needs In This Beginner Guide

Find all you need to know to play DOOM Eternal with this tips & guide! This guide includes combat & survival tips, upgrade power ups and how to get, hub facility unlocks and more!

Combat & Survival Tips

Upgrading the Slayer

Fortress of Doom - Hub Facility

Combat Tips - How Not To Die

Glory Kill for Health, Chainsaw for Ammo, & Flame Belch for Armor

Glory Kill for Health, Chainsaw for Ammo, & Flame Belch for Armor

DOOM Eternal rewards your aggression in heat of the combat. Mastering the combat loop of gunplay, Glory Kill, Chainsaw, and Flame Belch will be key to acquiring essential resources.

More Detail On Glory Kill System Found Here

Core Combat Loop in DOOM Eternal

  • Glory Kill melee finisher rewards the player by providing Health pickups upon execution.
  • Chainsaw can one-shot the enemy while turning them into a Ammo piñata.
  • Flame Belch shoulder mounted launcher can torch the enemies, allowing them to spew Armor Shards when burned.

Enemy Drops Differs With Difficulty

Health and armor pickups from slain enemies will differ depending on your difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the less abundant and effective the pickups are.

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Keep Mobile During Combat

Keep Mobile During Combat

Although being a human equivalent to a tank, the Doom Slayer is exceptionally mobile thanks to his double jump and double dash capabilities. The demon horde could easily overwhelm you with their sheer numbers, be sure to keep a nimble feet to avoid being cornered.

Look For Vaultable Objects

You will often find interactive objects around the map, such as the yellow vaultable poles. You may use these as a secondary means to swing yourself in position in combat or making quick turns.

Use Enemies As Platform with Super Shotgun's Meathook

Doom Slayer's iconic Super Shotgun also comes with a "Meathook" grappling hook weapon mod. This lets you latch yourself on to an enemy and pull yourself towards them. When used properly, you can boost yourself across by using enemies as a platform.

Swap Weapons Depending On Enemies

Swap Weapons Depending On Enemies

In DOOM Eternal, many enemies have a weakness to a specific weapon (ex.Pain Elemental weak to Ballista, Cacodemon weak against Combat Shotgun's Sticky Bomb etc.). Knowing the right tools for the occasion will allow you to dispatch enemies quickly and tactically.

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Aim For Enemy Weak Spots

Aim For Enemy Weak Spots

Certain powerful enemies have a specific weak points on their body, which when destroyed, severely hinders their combat efficiency (ex. Shoot off Revenant's Shoulder Rockets to disable ranged attacks.). A distinct "ping" sound will indicate whether your attack successfully destroyed the weak spot.

Learn More On All Enemy & Boss Monsters Here

Only Certain Attack Can Destroy Weak Points

Only certain attacks such as Blood Punch, Heavy Cannon's Precision Bolts, Combat Shotgun's Sticky Bomb etc. will be able to destroy an enemy weak point. Other conventional means will be able to damage the enemy, but not destroy the parts.

Weak Points Can Be Checked on Codex

You can also check each enemy's codex entry to check the enemy specific weak points. Also, weapon counters may also be depicted on the codex depending on the enemy.

Upgrading the Slayer

The collectible upgrades can be found hidden across the map. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny for hidden secrets! Although there are multiple ways to acquire these items, exploration is highly encouraged for extra resources.

Find More on Collectibles & Upgrades Here

Sentinel Crystals to Expand Max HP, Armor & Ammo

Sentinel Crystals to Expand Max HP, Armor & Ammo

Sentinel Crystals can be acquired to upgrade the Slayer's maximum HP, Armor, and Ammo capacity. These crystals can be found hidden in the map & locked in the Fortress of Doom central hub.

More Details On Sentinel Crystal Usage Found Here

Unlock Bonus Perks Upon Acquiring

Upon routing Sentinel Crystal to upgrade Max HP, Armor & Ammo, you may also choose to unlock bonus perks by choosing a specific set of upgrades from the chart.

Sentinel Crystal Perk & Prerequisites

PerkRequired Upgrade
Quickdraw BelchHealth & Armor
Flame Belch takes less time to cooldown.
Napalm BelchAmmo & Armor
Heavy & Super Heavy demons stay on fire longer.
Belch Armor BoostAmmo & Health
Demons drop armor at a faster rate.
Loot MagnetArmor & Health
Resource drops get pulled in from much further away.
Health For BloodHealth & Ammo
As long as you're at max health, all health pickups contribute to Blood Punch.
Armor For BloodAmmo & Shield
As long as you're at max armor, all armor pickups contribute to Blood Punch.

Runes To Obtain Powerful Abilities

Runes To Obtain Powerful Abilities

Finding Runes hidden in the map will allow you to obtain powerful new abilities.

Learn All Rune Effects & Recommendation Here!

All Available Rune Ability

Rune AbilityEffect
SavageryPerform GLory Kills faster.
Seek And DestroyLaunch into a Glory Kill from much further away.
Blood FueledGain a speed boost after performing a Glory Kill.
Air ControlGreatly increase movement control in the air.
Dazed And Confused Increases how long enemies remain in a stagger state.
Saving ThrowSurvive a death blow and briefly slow down time, giving you a chance to recover.
Chrono Strike Hold [Alt-fire] in mid-air to temporarily slow down time. Once the Rune is fully drained, you'll need to wait for it to recharge.
Equipment FiendEnemies killed by equipment or while under the influence of equipment will decrease the recharge time.
Punch And Reave Enemies killed by a Blood Punch shockwave drop health.

Up to 3 Runes Can Be Equipped At A Time

The numbers of Runes you can equip will be limited to maximum of 3 slots. You will only have 1 slot at beginning, and will be expanded as the game progresses.

Praetor Suit Points for Passive Perks

Praetor Suit Points for Passive Perks

Praetor Suit can be upgraded with Praetor Tokens, handed by phantoms of the Night Sentinels found hidden in map or in Fortress of Doom. These tokens can be used to unlock lesser powerful perks, such as faster ledge vaults, reveal secret location etc.

Learn How To Earn Praetor Suit Points Here

Complete A Mission Challenge To Earn Praetor Suit Point

By completing any one the Mission Challenges per mission, will reward you with a Praetor Suit Point. Maximum of 3 Praetor Suit Points can be acquired this way per mission.

Mod Bot To Get New Weapon Mods

Modbot To Get New Weapon Mods

Modbots are small drone hidden in the map and the Fortress of Doom, providing you with a piece of Weapon Mod for any weapon you currently own. Choose carefully, you will not be able to change your mind after confirming.

Learn More On Mod Bot Location Here!

Weapon Points For Mod Upgrades

Weapon Points For Mod Upgrades

Weapon Upgrade Points are acquired by purging demons from the vicinity of the mission. These Weapon Upgrade Points you have can be used to unlock a Weapon Mod specific upgrade, allowing you to wield it with more efficiency.

More Details On Weapon Points & Upgrades Here!

Purchase All Weapon Upgrade To Unlock Mastery

Upon purchasing all weapon upgrade for that specific Weapon Mod, you will be able to unlock a final powerful upgrade, the "Weapon Mastery". In order to use this however, you will need to complete a specific "Mastery Challenge" unique to each weapon mod.

Earn Weapon Points for Clearing Demonic Corruption

For each mission, your demon killing progress will be tracked with a Demonic Corruption meter, visible on your HUD. Killing enemies will clear the corruption, and will reward you with a Weapon Point for each node cleared.

More Details On Demonic Corruption Here!

Fortress of Doom - Unlocking Hub Facility

Fortress of Doom - Unlocking Hub Facility

The Fortress of Doom, acts as the Doom Slayer's base of operation and also a hub between missions. Not only will you be able to use facilities like the Ripatorium, a literal demon shooting range, you will also be able to unlock new features as you progress.

More Details On Fortress Of Doom Hub Here!

Use Sentinel Batteries to Unlock Rooms & Rewards

Use Sentinel Batteries to Unlock Rooms & Rewards

The Sentinel Batteries are collectible item often found hidden in the map. These batteries can be used at your Fortress of Doom hub, allowing you to unlock rooms and earn power ups often found within.

Learn More On Sentinel Batteries Here

Complete All 3 Mission Challenge To Earn Sentinel Battery

Aside from those you find on map, you can also earn an extra Sentinel Battery per mission by completing all 3 Mission Challenges per level.

Collect Empyrean Keys To Get Unmakyr

Collect Empyrean Keys To Get Unmakyr

Empyrean Keys are special collectibles, 6 in total. These are used to unlock a super weapon sealed within the Fortress of Doom, the Unmakyr. This hellish weapon was first seen used in DOOM 64.

Check out Empyrean Keys Guide Here!

Complete Slayer Gate to Earn Empyrean Key

Each mission will have a special location called "Slayer Gate" that will put your skills to the test by fending off hordes of enemies. By completing the Slayer Gate challenge, you will earn an Empyrean Key.

Find Slayer Key to Access Slayer Gate

In order to access a Slayer Gate, you will need to find a Slayer Key, hidden near proximity of the gate to unlock it first.

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