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Essential Tips To Know When Starting The Game
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Essential Tips To Know When Starting The Game

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Essential Tips To Know When Starting The Game

Read this Death Stranding beginners guide to learn essential tips and tricks when starting the game. Get to know combat techniques, crafting, gameplay tips and tricks!

Essential Death Stranding Tips

Articles to Read in Early Game

Difference In Difficulty Settings

It has been confirmed that Death Stranding will have difficulty settings - Very Easy, Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Difference In Difficulty Settings

Does Birthday Affect DOOM Abilities?


At the start of the game, players will be prompted to input a birthday for their character. There are also mention that the DOOMS ability varies according to the subject's date of birth.

Does Birthday Affect DOOM Abilities?

Story & Setting

America After The Fall

Main Mission

The game's story happens after a mass extinction event aptly named the "Death Stranding" and wipes out most of the American population. This event also transformed the world, introducing mysterious entities & phenomena that plague the remaining survivors.

Check Out The Lore & Terms Explanation Here!

Do Main Missions To Know The Story

Main Mission

Progress further west and know how the story unfolds in Death Stranding by continuing to undertake Main Story Missions. Completing these tasks also reward you with additional items and features that can help you in your journey.

Click Here For The Main Story Mission Walkthrough List Here!

Complete Side Missions To Get Rewards

Prepper Side Quests

Preppers provide non-essential side missions that you can complete for rewards and connections to the Chiral Network. These missions also enrich the game's world, adding more lore about the cataclysmic event and what happened before and after it.

Check Out The Prepper Order Walkthrough List Here!

Multiplayer Gameplay Details

Guiding & Following Other Players

Guiding & Following Other Players

You can interact with other players in Death Stranding, however you cannot directly interact with them. Instead, you can make use of the "Social Strand System" to guide and help other players in their own playthroughs.

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Leave Likes To Support Others

Leave Likes To Support Others

Death Stranding also has a "like" system that allows you to leave "likes" onto an item, structure, vehicle, or sign. These help tell other players that the liked object is effective & useful.

Check Out Like System Guide Here!

Get Likes To Progress Porter Ranks

Get Likes To Progress Porter Ranks

Progress through Orders and assist other players to get likes and increase your Porter Ranks, which will give all sorts of benefits.

Check out How To Get Likes Fast here!

Reconnect Locations With The Chiral Network

Chiral Network

Chiral Networks are places in the world of Death Stranding that help players know the lay of the land, revealing worthwhile locations and spots. You can use the Chiral Network Terminals to interact with the objects left behind by other players.

Check Out Chiral Network Guide Here!

Controller Layout & Settings

Familiarize With Controls To Succeed

Familiarize With Controls To Succeed

Control and balance is paramount to success in Death Stranding, a difficult task if you're struggling with the controls functions. Learn the keys and different functions first to be able to adapt to new challenges.

Check Out All Controls Guide here!

Combat Gameplay & Tips

Scout Enemies First

Scout Enemies First

Use the tools you have at your disposal to scout enemies and know their locations first. You will often be outnumbered in most encounters, so make good use of the weapons and the items that you currently have.

Use Stealth To Scout & Reduce Enemy Numbers


Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, you can use stealth to whittle down enemy units to make it easier for you to loot or continue to your objective. Look for spots to hide and other things you can utilize to distract enemy units.

Check Out Combat Gameplay System

Drop Cargo To Avoid Being Spotted

Drop Cargo To Avoid Being Spotted

If your cargo is piled up too high, you can easily be spotted while scouting around an area infested with enemies. Make sure to drop your cargo somewhere safe before exploring an area with enemies.

Check Out What Is Cargo Here!

Running Away Is Okay

Running / Escaping from enemies

You don't need to fight your way against enemies in Death Stranding. Making a tactical retreat is okay since your number one priority should always be your survival.

Check Out The Combat Guide Here!

Avoid Beached Things (BT) At All Costs

Focus On Avoiding Beached Things (BT)

When Sam enters an area with Timefall, he will encounter Beached Things (BT). Make sure to hold your breath & tread carefully to avoid being dragged into the BTs' dimension.

Check Out How To Deal With BTs!

Keep Your BB Stress-Free

BB Imag

BBs, due to its connection to the world of the dead, are mainly used to sense the presence of Beached Things. BBs have a fragile countenance and need to keep believing they are in their mother's womb while they are in the portable pod.

Check Out What Is BB Here

Change Difficulty If Combat Is Hard

In Death Stranding, you can choose between 4 difficulty settings - Very Easy, Easy, Normal, and Hard. If you're having a hard time dealing with Mules and BTs, adjusting the difficulty can help you progress the story.

Check Out Difficulty Settings Here!

Handling Weapons & Equipment

Weapons In Death Stranding

Weapon NameDescription
StrandCan be used to bind human enemies from behind and parry attacks at close quarters.
Bola GunFires binding wires that temporarily immobilizes targets. Also works on BT.
Anti-BT HandgunAn anti-BT hematic weapon doused with Sam's blood samples.
Assault RifleMulti-purpose assault rifle originally designed before the DS event.
BT HandgunTBC
Check Out All Weapons List Here!

Grenades & Equipment

Grenade NameDescription
EX GrenadeNon-Lethal Anti-BT Weapon.
Hematic GrenadeHand grenade designed for use against BTs.

Exploration Gameplay Tips

Know Basics of Traversal

Know Basics of Traversal

Before setting off to your journey, going over the essential knowledge of walking safely around the world of Death Stranding will greatly increase your chance of making a successful delivery. Read the summary from the link below to help you on your journey or when you're caught in a pinch!

Learn How to Walk & Travel Safely

Plan & Plot Your Course

Plan & Plot Your Course

Make it a habit to use the Cuff Link's map to plot a route towards your objective. Not only does it display the path as you wander the game world, but it also displays the difficulty of the terrain, allowing you to prepare and plan ahead.

Check Out How to Use the Cuff Links Here!

Scan & Read Terrain Icons For Safer Travel

Scan & Read Terrain Icons For Safer Travel

Scan your surroundings using your Odradek Scanner to get terrain readings displayed as icons. Plan a safe route by reading the icons to find out terrain difficulty beforehand.

Check out How to Use Odradek terrain Scanner here!

Keep Few Ladders & Ropes Ready

Keep Few Ladders & Ropes Ready

When on a delivery, it is highly recommended you keep a few ladders and ropes ready in case you need to cross a ravine or climb up. The ladder especially can serve multiple purposes, and are highly recommended to have with you as often as possible.

Learn To Deal With Timefall

Learn To Deal With Timefall

As you make your way across the country, you'll eventually encounter areas with Timefall. Make sure to look for shelter and avoid BTs to continue your journey safely.

Check Out Tips To Avoid Timefall!

Fragile Jump To Known Locations

Fragile Jump to Known Locations

You can make use of Fragile Jump (Fast Travel) to instantly go back to previously visited locations. However, you need to meet Fragile first before you can do so. You can use Fast Travel while in the Private Room.

Check Out Fragile Jump Here!

Repatriate And Restart After Dying

Repatriate And Restart When Dying

Sometimes circumstances can stack against you, causing deaths. Don't worry - You can revive Sam by performing a Repatriation.

How To Do Repatriation (Revive) guide here!

Travel Safer & Faster With Vehicles

Use Vehicles

You can make use of vehicles to quickly and safely traverse the various landscapes in Death Stranding. Be careful as some of them require batteries in order to run.

Check Out All Vehicle List Here!

Ping To Locate Items

You can use ping to locate nearby items, weapons, and materials that you can pick up. Make sure to use this feature frequently so as not to miss any essential loot.

Keep an Eye Out For Memory Chips

Keep an Eye Out For Memory Chips

Memory Chips are collectible items which hold records of the past. Keep an eye out for these items as collecting these chips will reward you with trophies from the game!

Check Out How to Find Memory Chips

Take A Break At Hot Springs

Take A Break At Hot Springs

Hot Springs are found in multiple locations in the world. These relaxation spots relaxes Sam and alleviates tiredness.

Check Out Hot Springs Features Here

Cargo Management

Managing Item Balance

Item Balancing

Ensure that weight is balanced as you travel. Tripping can cause your items to get damaged, lowering your completion grade and reducing your rewards.

Check Out Cargo & Balance System!

Bring Only What You Need

Bring Only What You Need

Plan ahead and bring only the tools and equipment that you need for the trip. Bringing too much may slow you down due to the weight and might also cause you to fall.

Check Out Delivery Terminal Features Here!

Ways To Increase Your Weight Limit

  • Power Skeleton
  • Floating Carrier

Draining & Recharging Equipment

Item Recharging

Some items require batteries to power them up and use them. Draining the whole battery renders them useless, requiring you to charge them up before you can use them again. Bear this in mind before you go out exploring as these items might become dead weight once they run out of juice.

Possible To Restart Order Missions

Possible To Restart Order Missions

In Death Stranding, you can also redeploy cargo from Sam's cuff links. Doing so will return the cargo back to the delivery terminal it was originally picked up from & you have to do the mission over.

Check Out How To Restart Order Missions!

Crafting and Building Techniques

Use Delivery Terminals To Fabricate / Craft Items

Fabricating Crafting Items

Although you can find items scattered in the game world, it is possible to craft items that can help you progress in your journey. Try to fabricate items that you think are necessary as they consume materials and space.

Check Out How to Craft Weapons & Equipment Here!

Build Structures That Other Players Can Use

Build Structures That Other Players Can Use

In Death Stranding, you can also build structures that you and other online players can use. These can range from postboxes, bridges, watchtowers, and more - all very helpful in your journey across the country!

Check Out Building Guide Here!

Private Room Features

Recover & Rest In Sam's Room


You can make use of various Safe Rooms to recover Sam's health and BB's mood. Try to rest in them after difficult encounters so you can recuperate, charge batteries, and restock.

Check Out The Private Room Guide Here!

Change Equipment & Weapon Loadout

Change Loadout

You can change Sam's appearance and equipment while inside Sam's room. Various cosmetics and paint jobs can be applied to most of your gear, so be sure to dress up Sam to your liking before you go out and explore the world!

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