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Season 2 Battle Charge Details - New Legend: Wattson, Battle Pass Rewards & More
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Season 2 Battle Charge Details - New Legend: Wattson, Battle Pass Rewards & More

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Check out the latest news regarding Apex Legends' newest legend: Wattson, a new LMG: L-Star, weapon changes, & the new and improved Season 2 Battle Pass!

New Legend: Wattson, L-Star LMG, & Season 2 Battle Pass Details
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Season 2 Battle Charge Details

Official Tweet

Season 2: Battle Charge Overview

Official Gameplay Video

Release DateJuly 2, 2019

The second season of Apex Legends has some big things coming to King's Canyon, and it kicks off on July 2, 2019!

King's Canyon Has Changed


A massive EMP has been detonated by a mysterious figure inside King's Canyon forever changing the landscape of the map. King's Canyon is now home to winged beasts, and previously barren areas have are now host to a number of plant life.

New Legend Teased?

New Legend Teased

The beginning of the official launch trailer shows a mysterious figure with the laptop used to detonate the EMP. Could this be another new legend coming to compete? Check out the official launch trailer here.

Ranked Leagues Implemented

Ranked Leagues Implemented

A ranked mode will be implemented in the 2nd season of Apex Legends where players progress through 6 tiers (Bronze ~ Apex Predator). Each tier goes through a special matchmaking process which pits them against players of the same level.

Earn Rewards Based On Your Tier

You will earn rewards based on your ranked tier at the end of the season which you can use to show off how fierce you are on the battlefield! As of the time of writing, there are no specifics regarding what rewards you can get.

Season 2 Battle Pass Improvements

Battle Pass Is Now Challenge-Based

The Season 2 Battle Pass is now challenge-based. Daily and weekly challenges will now stack, allowing you to complete all challenges without any of them expiring!

New Content Type Rewards

New Content Type Rewards

Badges and Stat Trackers have been removed from the Battle Pass and have been replaced with new content types. One of these new types of rewards are the Skydive Emotes!

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Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards

Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards

Check out the list of Battle Pass Rewards that you can earn from the second season of Apex Legends!

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Legend Skins

Tier 1Tier 25
Tier 1 RewardBattle Charge Legend SkinsTier 25 RewardCaustic: Prince of Darkness
Tier 75-
Tier 75 RewardOctane: Jade Tiger-

Weapon Skins

Tier 3Tier 6
Tier 3 RewardProwlerTier 6 RewardP2020
Tier 13Tier 16
Tier 13 RewardLongbowTier 16 RewardMozambique
Tier 23Tier 26
Tier 23 RewardG7 ScoutTier 26 RewardHavoc
Tier 33Tier 36
Tier 33 RewardVK-47 FlatlineTier 36 RewardKraber
Tier 43Tier 46
Tier 43 RewardL-StarTier 46 RewardAlternator
Tier 53Tier 56
Tier 53 RewardR-301Tier 56 RewardRE-45
Tier 62Tier 63
Tier 62 RewardDevotionTier 63 RewardPeacekeeper
Tier 66Tier 72
Tier 66 RewardHemlokTier 72 RewardAlternator
Tier 73Tier 76
Tier 73 RewardR-99Tier 76 RewardEVA-8
Tier 83Tier 86
Tier 83 RewardMastiffTier 86 RewardSpitfire
Tier 93Tier 96
Tier 93 RewardTriple TakeTier 96 RewardWingman
Tier 100-
Tier 100 RewardR-301-

Skydive Emotes

Tier 10Tier 20
Tier 10 RewardBangaloreTier 20 RewardBloodhound
Tier 30Tier 40
Tier 30 RewardCausticTier 40 RewardGibraltar
Tier 45Tier 60
Tier 45 RewardLifelineTier 60 RewardMirage
Tier 70Tier 80
Tier 70 RewardOctaneTier 80 RewardPathfinder
Tier 90Tier 95
Tier 90 RewardWattsonTier 95 RewardWraith

Music Packs

Tier 2Tier 15
Tier 2 RewardWattsonTier 15 RewardOctane
Tier 35Tier 55
Tier 35 RewardBangaloreTier 55 RewardMirage
Tier 65Tier 85
Tier 65 RewardBloodhoundTier 85 RewardCaustic

Loading Screens

Tier 4Tier 14
Tier 4 RewardTier 14 Reward
Tier 24Tier 34
Tier 24 RewardTier 34 Reward
Tier 44Tier 54
Tier 44 RewardTier 54 Reward
Tier 64Tier 74
Tier 64 RewardTier 74 Reward
Tier 84Tier 94
Tier 84 RewardTier 94 Reward


Tier 8Tier 18
Tier 8 RewardTier 18 Reward
Tier 28Tier 38
Tier 28 RewardTier 38 Reward
Tier 48Tier 58
Tier 48 RewardTier 58 Reward
Tier 68Tier 78
Tier 68 RewardTier 78 Reward
Tier 88Tier 98
Tier 88 RewardTier 98 Reward

Apex Packs

Tier 5Tier 12
Tier 5 RewardTier 12 Reward
Tier 22Tier 32
Tier 22 RewardTier 32 Reward
Tier 50Tier 82
Tier 50 RewardTier 82 Reward
Tier 92-
Tier 92 Reward-

New Legend: Wattson

New Legend: Wattson

Wattson is the daughter of one of the game's lead electrical engineers. Her fascination with electricity resulted in her becoming a skilled engineer, helping build the game's ring. Wattson uses electricity to level the playing field!

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Wattson: Legend Details Summary

Wattson Legend Details Summary
Real NameNatalie Paquette
Home WorldSolace
Tactical AbilityPerimeter Security
Passive AbilitySpark of Genius
Ultimate AbilityInterception Pylon

Wattson's Ability Overview

AbilityAbility TypeDescription
Perimeter SecurityTacticalConnect nodes to create electrified fences that damage and slow enemies
Spark of GeniusPassiveUltimate Accelerants fully charge your Ultimate Ability, and standing near interception pylons boosts your Tactical Ability recharge
Interception PylonUltimatePlace an electrified pylon that destroys incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields as long as it stands

Wattson uses her abilities to control and sustain the team during fights. Her pylons and fences can be used offensively to slow and damage enemies, or defensively for sustain, and quick escapes!

Official Legend Trailer

New Weapon: L-Star

Official Video

New Energy-Based LMG

New Weapon: L-Star

The L-Star is the newest weapon to be added to the game this coming Season 2! It is a care-package energy-based LMG which fires large plasma projectiles at targets!

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Fully-Automatic Weapon

Fully-Automatic Weapon

The L-Star holds 60 rounds of energy ammo and features a fully-automatic fire mode. It's rate of fire is fairly quick, allowing you to bring down enemies with ease!

The L-Star Can Overheat

If players hold down the trigger for too long, the L-Star will overheat. If this happens, the lens of the weapon will break and will need to be replaced. Make sure to feather trigger to avoid overheating this weapon.

Only Spawns In Supply Drop

The L-Star can only be found in Supply Drops. It also comes with a limited ammo supply so make sure to make your shots count!

Season 2 Weapon Changes

New Hop-Ups Introduced

New Hop-Ups have been introduced to add a new layer of depth to the gameplay during fights, Disruptor Rounds and Hammerpoint Rounds increase the viability of lesser used weapons during matches.

Disruptor Rounds

Disruptor Rounds are a new Hop-Up for the Alternator and RE-45. These rounds increase their damage to shielded enemies. This is best used to open up a fight against enemies to quickly bring their shields down!

Hammerpoint Rounds

This Hop-Up is for the P2020 and the Mozambique. This Hop-Up increases the damage done by these weapons to unshielded enemies, perfect for finishing off opponents in fights!

New Attachment: Energy Mags

The Energy Mag attachments have been added to the Havoc, Devotion, and Triple Take. Energy Mags will work like other magazine attachments. They increase ammo capacity at all levels, and reduce the reload time at level 2 and above.

Increased Weapon Usabilities

The Flatline, P2020, Alternator and Triple Take have been made more powerful in order to become more viable when equipping your loadout. More specific details will be given in the Season 2 Patch Notes.

Arc Star Changes

The Arc Star's stats have been adjusted to keep the weapon more balanced when against other throwables.

List Of Arc Star Changes

  • Sticking a full health player will now down them
  • Increased ignition delay from 2.5 to 2.8
  • Players at the edge of the explosion no longer get their shields completely shredded

New Gold Weapons Added

Starting Season 2 on July 2, player will be able to find a new set of gold weapons in Kings Canyon! The final list of weapons will be revealed in the Season 2 patch notes.

Ammo Stack Sizes Adjusted

The developers have adjusted the stack sizes of weapons to keep backpack management more balanced.

Energy Stack Increased

The max stack for energy ammo has been increased from 60 to 80. This is useful for energy weapons that quickly burn through all of your ammo!

Shotgun Stack Reduced

The max stack for Shotgun ammo has been reduced from 64 to 16, meaning that players will need to bring with you multiple stacks of shells if you want to use the shotgun for awhile.

Airdrop Weapons Adjusted

The Airdrop weapon drops are now adjusted based on the phase of the game. Krabers will appear more often in the early to mid-game while Mastiffs will be more frequent in the end-game!

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