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Which Items / Loot To Pick Up: Priority Guide & Tips
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Which Items / Loot To Pick Up: Priority Guide & Tips

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Check out this Apex Legends guide for information on which items or loot to pick up in the game. Know what weapons to prioritize, shield and backpack rarity, and more!

Apex Legends Which Items / Loot To Pick Up: Priority Guide & Tips
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Table of Contents

Prioritize Weapons To Pick Up

Pick Up Weapons Right After Landing

Apex Legends Pick Up Weapons Right After Landing

Your top priority after landing in Kings Canyon is to look for weapons to arm yourself with. Choose powerful weapons or those with high magazine count such as shotguns, assault rifles, or SMGs.

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Recommended Weapons To Pick Up

  • Assault Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • SMG
  • LMG
  • Wingman (Hand Gun)

Weapons Not Recommended To Be Picked Up

  • RE-45 (Hand Gun)
  • P2020 (Hand Gun)
  • Mozambique (Shotgun)
  • Sniper Rifle

What To Do When You Can't Find Weapons

Escape With Abilities When You Encounter An Enemy

Legends such as Bangalore and Wraith have abilities that can help you escape when being attacked by an enemy when you don't have any weapons. Don't forget to use the ping system to let your teammates know the location of your enemy.

Use Fist To Damage Enemy In Early Game

If you're caught in a tight spot with an enemy or have no abilities to get away, use your fist to damage your opponent. One punch can do 30 damage and can down an unarmored enemy with just 4 hits. If you can't help but fight, don't forget to use your bare melee attacks.

Move Towards Teammates When Being Shot At

If an enemy is shooting at you from a distance, it's best to head towards your teammates. Getting into fights alone isn't recommended and it's better to face opponents with a full team of 3. Just ping the enemy location when you're making your escape.

Get Body Shield For Longer Survival

Body Shield Rarity Can Determine Victory Or Defeat

Apex Legends, Items Aid Your Survival During Matches

The rarity of your armor can determine whether you'll survive long in the match or be instantly defeated. Prioritize looking for high tier armors to get higher defense stats.

Body Shield Rarity Stats

- Absorbs 50 Damage
- Absorbs 75 Damage
- Absorbs 100 Damage
- Absorbs 100 Damage
- Finishing Moves Fully Restores Shield

Share Body Shield With Teammates

Apex Legends Share Body Shield With Teammates

You can check your teammates' body shield rarity when you open your inventory. When you find higher tier body shields, you can share them with your teammates, making your team's survivability higher in a match.

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Don't Forget Helmets Are Also Important

Helmets reduce the damage you can get from head shots. When you see high rarity helmets, don't forget to pick them up as they can also help you survive longer in the game.

Look For High Rarity Backpacks

More Backpack Slots = More Weapons & Recovery Items

Apex Legends More Backpack Slots = More Weapons & Recovery Items

Backpacks are important in this game as they dictate how much items you can carry. It also expands what you can do in the match (initiating a fight or recovering health) due to the number of item slots you have.

Backpack Rarity Stats

- +2 Extra Inventory Slots
- +4 Extra Inventory Slots
- +6 Extra Inventory Slots
- +6 Extra Inventory Slots
- Healing & Shielding Consumables take half the time to use

Share Rare Backpacks With Squad Members

Apex Legends Share Rare Backpacks With Squad Members

If you find an extra backpack on the field, don't forget to ping your squad members and share the resource with them.

How To Manage Your Ammo

Share Your Ammo With Squad Members

In Apex Legends, there may be times that ammo can be insufficient in a match. Be sure to ping your teammates when you find extra or ammo you don't need so you can share the resource. It'll be a waste if you're winning in a shootout but lose due to lack of bullets.

Divide Ammo Types According To Team Weapons

Try to divide and share with your teammates the types of ammos available in the game. This can be done by learning which weapons your squad members are using and choosing weapons that don't use that kind of ammo - this way you'll all have ammo to go around and won't be fighting for resources.

Ammo Types Per Weapon

Ammo Type Compatible Weapons
Light Ammo - R-301
- RE-45
- P2020
- R-99
- Alternator SMG
- G7 Scout
Heavy Ammo - Wingman
- Spitfire
- Long Bow DMR
- Prowler
- Hemlok
- VK-47 Flatline
Shotgun Ammo - Mozambique
- Peacekeeper
- EVA-8 Auto
Energy Ammo - Triple Take
- Devotion
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Which Recovery Items To Keep

Keep 1 Stack Of Recovery Items In Early Game

Apex Legends Keep 1 Stack Of Recovery Items In Early Game

It's important to keep 1 stack of recovery items in the early game as you need to prioritize collecting ammo. Depending on your playstyle and length of the match, you can attach

Prioritize Picking Up Shielded Recovery Items

Apex Legends Prioritize Picking Up Shielded Recovery Items

It takes a shorter time to use shielded recovery items than physical recovery items. If you have blue (rare) armor, it's better to focus on picking up shielded recovery items.

Recovery Items Usage Time

Item Name Use Time
Phoenix Kit Use Time: 10 Seconds
Heals 100 HP & 100 Shield
Shield Battery Use Time: 5 Seconds
Restores 100 Shield
Shield Cell Use Time: 3 Seconds
Restores 25 Shield
Med Kit Use Time: 8 Seconds
Heals 100 HP
Syringe Use Time: 5 Seconds
Heals 25 HP

Lifeline Does Not Need Syringes

Lifeline has the ability to recover her health so syringes are not necessary for her to carry around. Also, if you have a Lifeline in your team, it's not necessary for your team to carry syringes as she can heal them with her abilities. Make sure to use Lifeline's drones to recover your teammates health.

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