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Best Legends Character Tier List & Ranking
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Best Legends Character Tier List & Ranking

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Check out this guide on Apex Legends playable characters tier list and ranking. Learn about the best Legends in the game, their strengths and how they synergize with other characters!

All Legends Playable Character & Abilities List

Ranking and Tier List

Best Legends Recommendations

Evaluation Criteria

Team Composition and Compatibility

This Legend ranking is meant for squad play, and evaluates Legends based on how they play in a team. Ranking of Legends will definitely change if playing alone.

Team Synergy and Contibution

Legends have been evaluated based on how their abilities contribute to the team. Legends with abilities that enhance the overall team's performance and survivability are valued higher.

Overall Legend Consistency

Legends that perform consistently are valued higher rather than Legends that are very situational, or can only perform in limited situation.

Legends Tier Ranking

Best Legends Recommendations

[S Rank] Lifeline

Best Legends Recommendations
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RoleSupport & Recovery

Reasons for Recommending Lifeline

  • Support expert
  • Ease of reviving allies
  • Recovery consistency
  • Item slots can be allocated to weapons instead of recovery items

Lifeline's Recovery and Healing Keeps The Party Alive

Lifeline's focus on support skills is really valuable in keeping the party alive throughout the match. Her passive skill also allows her to safely revive allies. Her recovery skills also allow her to focus on carrying weapons instead of healing items.

[S Rank] Bangalore

Best Legends Character Tier List and Ranking Guide
Check Out BANGALORE Abilities & Tips here!

Reasons for Recommending Bangalore

  • Versatile smoke launcher
  • Fast Cooldown of Smoke Launcher
  • High survival rate
  • Restrict enemy movement with Ultimate Ability

Offensive Focused All Purpose Character

Bangalore's smoke launcher ability is versatile in every situation, may it be reviving allies, evading enemy fire, flanking enemies, and even retreating. Plus, its fast cooldown time allows you to use the ability frequently, and turn around disadvantageous situations.

[A Rank] Bloodhound

Check Out BLOODHOUND Abilities & Tips here!
RoleScout and Attacker

Reasons for Recommending Bangalore

  • Tactical ability allows you to scout and hunt enemies
  • Powerful boost from Ultimate Ability
  • High Compatibility with Bangalore
  • Enemy location from tactical ability is shared with allies

Attacker that Specializes on Scouting and Enemy Search

Bloodhound's abilities allow you to search and find enemies, which is crucial for battle royale games. His ultimate Beast of the Hunt also allows you to see through Bangalore's smoke launcher, creating ambush opportunities, or finish off escaping enemies.

[A Rank] Wraith

Best Legends Character Tier List & Ranking
Check Out WRAITH Abilities & Tips Here!

Reasons for Recommending Wraith

  • Passive ability gives her valuable battlefield knowledge
  • Tactical ability allows her to escape and setup ambushes
  • Ultimate ability is great for setting up ambushes or traps

Great for Advanced Players Who Love Ambush Setups

Wraith's abilities require a bit of skill, and may not be as beginner friendly as other Legends. Her ultimate allows her to create portals between two points, which can be a great setup for flanking, while giving them a quick getaway. Be careful however, as the portal can be used by enemies as well.

[B Rank] Mirage

Check Out MIRAGE Abilities & Tips Here!
RoleDiversion and Distraction

Reasons for Recommending Mirage

  • Great for frontline attacks
  • Decoys are great for distraction and diversion tactics
  • Deploys decoy and cloak when downed, improving survivability
  • Works great for confusing enemies

Attacker that Takes Advantage of Diversion and Confusion

Mirage's abilities allows him to confuse enemies and create diversionary tactics, which is great for setting up firefights. Draw your enemy's fire using decoys, then flank the enemy when you see where they are firing.

[B Rank] Pathfinder

Check Out PATHFINDER Abilities & Tips Here!
RoleMap Knowledge and Traversal

Reasons for Recommending Pathfinder

  • Passive Ability gives valuable map knowledge
  • Tactical Ability allows him to move fast, or draw enemies close
  • Ultimate allows for quick map traversal

Support Character Specializing in Traversal and Map Info

Pathfinder's abilities allow him master the map fully, by possessing crucial map knowledge by knowing where the ring will collapse onto, and traversing the map quickly with his ultimate and tactical ability. Use these abilities to get to places before everybody else!


Best Legends Character Tier List & Ranking
Check Out OCTANE Abilities & Tips Here!
RoleMobilty and Positioning

Reasons for Recommending Wraith

  • Passive ability provides health regeneration
  • Tactical ability allows him to amp movement speed
  • Ultimate ability is great to reposition whole team

Good for a More Aggressive Gameplay

Octane is an aggressor type with his ability kit including health regeneration and speed boost encouraging players to constantly jump in and out of battles. Most of his skills are solely focused for himself with only his ultimate Jump Pad providing use for the whole team.

[C Rank] Caustic

Check Out CAUSTIC Abilities & Tips Here!
RoleAoE Poison and Trapper

Reasons for Recommending Caustic

  • Good AoE damage and poison effect that affects vision
  • Can setup traps for ambush

Poison Focused Tactics

Caustic is unique in that his skills revolve around him being able to wield poison gas. His abilities allow him to setup traps and create ambush opportunities for your team. He can also throw in his ultimate Nox Gas Grenade for clashes and affect a wide area with his poison.

[C Rank] Gibraltar

Best Legends Character Tier List & Ranking
Check Out GIBRALTAR Abilities & Tips Here!

Reasons for Recommending Pathfinder

  • Master of defensive play
  • Great tanking abilities
  • Easy to use ability
  • Clear focused role

A Walking Tank With Powerful Defensive Abilities

Gibraltar's abilities allow him to provide instant cover for his teammates, while being able to soak damage and fire back safely. His role is clearly focused and abilities are easy to use. Plus, his ultilmate comes in handy for engaging enemies, as it forces them to scatter and disengage.

[C Rank] Wattson

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RoleSemi-Support and Fight Control

Reasons For Recommending Wattson

  • Can control fights using abilities
  • Slows and damages enemies using fence
  • Recharges shields and negates ordnance with ultimate

Focused On Controlling The Fight

Wattson's abilities are best used to slow down enemies, allowing her team to focus fire on enemies. She can set this up at known choke points to force enemies into a disadvantage.

Can Also Support Teammates

Wattson is also able to support her teammates since her ultimate abilities can recharge shields while also destroying incoming ordnance. This negates the threat of any incoming grenades, arc stars, and even Gibraltar / Bangalore ultimate abilities!

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Anonymous 7

this might be the worst one i've seen lol, gibraltar lowest, bangalore before wraith, PATHFINDER SAME AS MIRAGE. this has to be a joke


Good try but everyone knows wraith is s tier

Anonymous 5

How is Wraith ranked so low when more than half the pro streamers use her? I don't know how to believe anymore..

Anonymous 4

Wraith is A tier because of her small hit box and pathfinder is B other than that I agree

Anonymous 3

Good try but everyone knows wraith is s tier

Pathfinder is b tier because of large hitbox and no skills useful for combat

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