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Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

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Read this Apex Legends beginner's guide on how to win the battle! Know which Legend to choose, use smart comms with teammates, know the battleground, battle and gameplay tips, & more.

Apex Legends Beginner Tips & Guide How To Win
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Relevant Tips For Beginners

Apex Legends Basics

Game Rules

There Is A Fixed Party Of 3 Players

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

Currently, Apex Legends only has a squad mode consisting of 3 players. It doesn't have solo or duo mode yet. If you start a match without any friends in your party, you'll get random players in your squad.

Each Game Has 20 Teams = 60 Players

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

Each match will have you pitted against 19 other teams, with 3 players in each squad. The goal is to stay inside the ring and to survive elimination from enemies around you.

Selecting Your Legends

Selecting Your Legends

There is an order when selecting your Legends before the match and this is randomly selected. If you're placed 3rd in the order, you can only choose after the first 2 players in your squad.

Cannot Choose Same Legend As Teammate

You cannot have two of the same Legends in your team. Every single player in your squad needs to use a different Legend from each other.

Your First Choice May Not Always Be Available

In Apex Legends, it's possible not to get your 1st or 2nd choice of Legend within a match. So it's best to learn how to play each of the different Legends so you know how to support your team.

Recommended Legends For Beginners

Apex Legends Beginner Tips & Guide How To Win

It's best to choose Legends that fit your play style well. However, if you're a beginner, Legends such as Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Bloodhound are three of the easier characters to use in the game.

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Use Legend Banner To Revive Teammates

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

When your teammates get knocked out, they drop an item called a Legend Banner. Only fellow squad members can pick this up and place it into a Respawn Beacon, allowing their downed teammate to respawn.

Respawn Beacons Can Be Seen On Map

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

Once you have your teammate's Legend Banner, locate the Respawn Beacon on your map! Bring the Legend Banner there in order to revive your down teammate.

Apex Legends Tips During Game Match

Jump Master Chooses When To Jump

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

When you begin a match in Apex Legends, you first need to descend into Kings Canyon. In your squad of 3, a Jump Master will randomly be chosen and they have to choose when & where to land.

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Jump Master Has 3rd Legend Choice

Jump Masters are usually the teammate that is the 3rd to pick their Legend. So the squad member that picks their Legend last is the one who will be the Jump Master.

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You Can Assign Jump Masters

Jump Masters can be assigned in your squad. If you feel a teammate is stronger than you or has better strategy, you can assign them the role of Jump Master by relinquishing your Jump Master assignment.

Immediately Equip Weapons After Landing

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

Depending on where your Jump Master decides to land, it's likely that fighting will break out as soon as you get on the ground. Immediately look for weapons & gear to help you and your team survive the fight.

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Recommended Weapons For Beginners

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

The best weapons for beginners are those that are easy to use yet can deal amazing damage such as the EVA-8 Auto or VK-47 Flatline. These guns are those that can be found easily & will not make it hard to eliminate your opponents.

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Equip Armor To Increase Durability

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

There are two types of armor that you can equip in Apex Legends - Helmets & Bulletproof Vests. Equipping these will increase your shield capacity and help you survive longer in battle.

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There Are 4 Armor Rarities

In Apex legends, you can come across four different colors of armor - white (common), blue (rare), purple (epic), and gold (legendary). The defense value of each armor increases depending on their color and you won't be able to equip armor that is below the rarity of the one you already have on.

Legendary Body Armor Is Found In Supply Drops & Hot Zones

The highest rarity of Legendary armor can be found in supply drops and in hot zones. While Gold Body Armor provides equal shields to Epic (Purple) armor, it has a special passive benefit of being able to restore full shields when executing an enemy.

Apex Legends Tips For In-Game Situations

Keep Close To Your Team

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

When in a match, it's best to keep close to your teammates. This prevents them from being ambushed and you can immediately help give cover fire when they're under attack.

Revive Knocked Down Teammates

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

When your teammate's armor is cut down to 0 by the enemy, they will be knocked down. You can revive them by going near them and pressing the revive button for 6 seconds.

Make Use Of The Ping System

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

The Ping System is really handy in the game. They let you know about the presence or absence of the enemy. These pings show up on the map and provide important information to you and your team, so be sure to use them!

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Exploit Your Legend's Skills

Beginner Tips & Guide: How To Win In Apex Legends

Legends have three skills in this game - Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. Learn them well and use them to your advantage - whether making an ambush on enemies or retreating from the battlefield.

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