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Combat Guide, Tips & Techniques

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Ready to take on foes in the world of Anthem? Before you jump in, know these combat tips and techniques to make the most out of your Anthem experience and easily beat your enemies!

Combat Guide, Tips & Techniques
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Know And Master Your Combos

Combos Are Crucial To Easily Take Out Enemies

Combos Are Crucial To Easily Take Out Enemies

Knowing how combos work in Anthem is essential in that it maximizes the damage of your abilities when you mix them up. By using abilities in conjunction with other abilities, you can inflict massive amounts of damage to enemies.

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Tips to Beat Armored Enemies

Armored Enemies Have A Yellow Health Gauge

Armored Enemies Have A Yellow Health Gauge

There are different kinds of enemies in Anthem, one of which are armored enemies. These are identified with a yellow health bar.

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Use Acid and Fire Element Abilities to Break Armor

Use acid or fire based abilities to take out armored enemies, as fire and acid damage weakens armor faster.

Colossus's Railgun Can Penetrate Armor

Some Javelin abilities like Colossus's Railgun can penetrate armor and deal huge damage to armored enemies. Check the damage icon to see a yellow armor shattering icon next to its damage stats.

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Armored Enemies Take A Longer Time To Prime

Armored enemies take a longer time to prime than ordinary enemies, it may take multiple charges of attacks to reach the priming threshold.

Tips to Beat Shielded Enemies

Shielded Enemies Have a Blue Health Guage

Shielded Enemies Have a Blue Health Guage

Shielded enemies are enemies with a blue barrier around them, and their health is represented with a blue health bar on top of their red health bar.

Check How To Deal With Shielded Enemies

Use Ice and Thunder To Strip Shields Away

Shields are noticeably weaker to Ice and Thunder elemental damage. Use abilities with these elements to easily take out shielded enemies.

Ranger's Pulse Blast Can Destroy Shields


Certain abilities such as Ranger's Pulse Blast ability makes easy work of shielded enemies, as the ability also strips away enemy shields. Look for blue shattered shield icon to see whether the ability has boosted shield damage.

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You Cannot Prime Shielded Enemies

While their shield is up, shielded enemies cannot be primed. Focus on taking away their shields first, and prime them up for a combo when their shield is down.

Watch Out For Visual And Audio Cues

Keep An Eye On Visual Indicators

When an enemy locks on to you, a visual prompt will appear on your HUD. Make sure to keep a close watch on these so you can quickly evade and move to safety if needed.

Snipers Targeting You Emit A High Pitch Sound

Snipers Targeting You Emit A High Pitch Sound

Put on a good pair of headphones when playing Anthem as certain enemies and behavior can trigger sound cues. Snipers for example emit a high pitched sound when they're aiming at you. Move to safety as soon as you hear them!

Target Obvious Weak Spots

Look For Glaring Weakspots on Enemies

Look For Glaring weak spots on Enemies

Check for weak spots on enemies, and aim for these spots to deal more damage on them. Aiming for the head is always a good option, but certain enemies have more specific weak spots.

Shoot Fuel Tanks Off Scar Enforcers

Anthem Aim At Elite Scar Enforcers Arm Tanks To Blow Them Up

Scar Enforcers carry with them fuel tanks. Aim for the tanks on their backs, or on their arms to deal massive damage.

Shoot Off Turret Ammo Storage and Panels

Each different turret have their own specific weak spot. Some turrets have their ammo storage underneath them or at their backs, and some can be taken out by shooting at their panels. Make sure to aim for these spots to easily take out Turrets.

Retreat and Recover When Health Is Low

Stay Alive and Recover Your Shield When Needed

Stay Alive and Recover When Needed

Try to stay alive as much as possible when playing Anthem as its easier to complete missions with a full team, and so your team can focus on firing on enemies instead of reviving downed allies. When your health is low, try to look for cover, hide for a bit to fully recover your shield.

Heal Up To Around 25% Health With Minimal Health

Heal Up To Around 25% Health With Minimal Health

When your health bar reaches to very low levels, hide for cover and heal up a bit of your health back to around 25%.

Take Hits Even At Low Health

The game somehow protects you from damage when you get hit when at extremely low health. Use this as a window to run for cover and to recover your shield.

Pull Off An Ultimate Ability To Heal Up

Pull Off An Ultimate Ability To Heal Up

One great way to keep the fight going is to pull off your ultimate when your health is low. Your ultimate ability heals you up to full health, while keeping you invulnerable while your ultimate ability is active.

Crowd Control Tips

Use Freeze Abilities To Slow Down Crowds

Use Freeze Abilities To Slow Down Crowds

Fights can get frantic in Anthem, and enemies can swarm on you quickly. Deal with these crowds by slowing them down with freeze abilities. This stops enemy fire, while priming them up for a combo.

Handle Mobs With Lightning

Handle Mobs With Lightning
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Lightning abilities can quickly take out mobs thanks to its high damage output. Use this to instantly take out groups of enemies.

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