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All Weapon & Gun List - Traits & Effects
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All Weapon & Gun List - Traits & Effects

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Learn all about the weapons in Anthem in this guide! This includes what inscriptions are, weapon perks and abilities, & exclusive Javelin weapons.

All Weapon List - Traits & Effects

All Weapons & Equipments

All Weapons List

All Weapons List

Assault Rifle Weapon List

Defender Assault RifleDefenderStandard-issue Freelancer assault rifle. Effective at mid-range combat situations due to its great rate of fire, and high ammo capacity.
Elemental RageElemental Rage
*Masterwork Weapon
The Elemental Rage is an upgraded Defender with Veteran's Furor which increases all elemental damage by 5% for 10 seconds when you hit Elite enemies. Effect stacks up to 20.
Warden Assault RifleWardenBurst-fire assault rifle great for engaging enemies at long distance. Due to its burst-fire qualities, it has a relatively low fire rate, but provides better accuracy.
Hammerhead Assault RifleHammerheadGreatest striking power in relation to other Assault Rifles. Great for finishing off enemies, but suffers from low fire rate, and small ammo capacity.
RalnerRalner's Blaze
*Masterwork Weapon
Ralner's Blaze is an upgraded Hammerhead that ignites the target while on a hit-streak (5)

Marksman Rifle Weapon List

Scout Marksman RifleScoutThe Scout is a powerful Marksman Rifle when used at a distance. It has a decent fire rate, and ammo capacity to weaken enemies before finishing them off.
Guardian Marksman RifleGuardianFires 3 round bursts, and has a bit of a learning curve to achieve its maximum potential. The Guardian is a solid rifle for mid to long range combat.
*Masterwork Weapon
Death From Above is an upgraded Guardian with Raptor's Sense that increases weak point damage by 65% while hovering.
Anvil Marksman RifleAnvilA hard-hitting Marksman Rifle with a high rate of fire. Despite this, it has noticeable recoil, and a low ammo capacity.
Thunderbolt Of YveniaThunderbolt Of Yvenia
*Masterwork Weapon
The Thunderbolt Of Yvenia is an upgraded Scout that has a chance to deal large electric damage when fired at enemies. Best used to decimate enemy shields.

Sniper Rifle Weapon List

Deadeye Sniper RifleDeadeyeDespite having a high strike force at a distance, the Deadeye is not a rapid fire weapon. Take time to aim at your target to maximize this weapon's abilities.
Whirlwind Sniper RifleWhirlwindDespite lacking firepower compared to other weapons in its class, the Whirlwind boasts a fire rate close to resembling Assault Rifles. Can be used to unload bullets on enemies at range.
Devastator Sniper RifleDevastatorAfter charging, the Rifle can deliver tremendous knockdown force at a distance. To add to this, its ammunition can also explode on contact, making it a deadly weapon in long range.
Wyvern Blitz Wyvern Blitz
*Masterwork Weapon
The Wyvern Blitz is an upgraded Deadeye that increases weak point damage by 40% when hovering.
Truth of TarsisTruth of Tarsis
*Masterwork Weapon
The Truth of Tarsis is an upgraded Devastator that can set off a chain combo when hitting weak points of enemies under a status effect.

Heavy Pistol Weapon List

Barrage Heavy PistolBarrageThe Barrage is a heavy pistol that has a tremendous rate of fire, letting you shoot first, then loot later.
Resolution Heavy PistolResolutionThe Resolution has a high rate of fire, paired with high damage. A good weapon to have due to its traits.
Blastback Heavy PistolBlastbackThe Blastback has a high damage value, making it ideal for close-quarters combat.
Glorious ResultGlorious Result
*Masterwork Weapon
Upgraded Resolution with Gunslinger's Fury. Hitting 2 enemy weak points quickly increases all weapon damage by 150% for 5 seconds.
Avenging HeraldAvenging Herald
*Masterwork Weapon
Upgraded Blastback with Raptor's Deadeye. Hovering increases weapon damage by 200%.

Machine Pistol Weapon List

Fulcrum Machine PistolFulcrumThe Fulcrum is the most balanced weapon in the Machine Pistol category, with its decent damage, and high fire rate.
Hailstorm Machine PistolHailstormThe Hailstorm is the fastest-firing weapon in its class. Due to its low accuracy, it is best used against enemies in very short range.
Trajector Machine PistolTrajectorThe Trajector is a weapon that has longer range than other Machine Pistols, but a lower rate of fire. It can be great for enemies at a longer range.

Light Machine Gun Weapon List

Relentless LMGRelentlessA well balanced Light Machine Gun, the Relentless is a superb weapon to use in several combat situations.
Artinias GambitArtinia's Gambit
*Masterwork Weapon
The Artinia's Gambit is an upgraded Relentless that detonates a Combo explosion in the immediate area when reloading.
Havoc LMGHavocDespite boasting the fastest fire rate in the Light Machine Gun class, the Havoc suffers in the damage and accuracy department. Best used for taking out waves of weak enemies.
Sledgehammer LMGSledgehammerThe heaviest hitter in its class, the Sledgehammer suffers from the lowest ammo capacity, and fire rate. Best used when fighting against heavy targets.
Cycle of PainCycle Of Pain
*Masterwork Weapon
Cycle of Pain is an upgraded Sledge Hammer with Marksman's Swiftness: Weak point hits increase weapon rate of fire by 10% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 10.

Shotgun Weapon List

Scattershot ShotgunScattershotStandard issue Freelancer Shotgun. Well balanced in power and ammo capacity, making it ideal to use in tight spaces.
Vengeance ShotgunVengeanceFires two successive shells at a time, and excels in fire rate, the Vengeance is a deadly weapon in close range.
Constrictor ShotgunConstrictorShotgun which becomes more accurate, the more it fires. Can be used to go toe-to-toe with strong targets.
Papa Pump ShotgunPapa Pump
*Masterwork Weapon
Upgraded Scattershot with special traits. Reloading will increase damage by 100% for 15 seconds. The buff can be stacked twice, making you deadlier with every manual reload after two shots.
Rolling CarnageRolling Carnage
*Masterwork Weapon
Upgraded Vengeance with Scout's Advantage. Dashing will increase the weapon damage by 50% for 20 seconds, which stacks up to 3.

Autocannon Weapon List

Cloudburst AutocannonCloudburstHeavy weapon with an impressive rate of fire. Best for cutting down waves of enemies due to how fast it can unload its magazine.
Mauler AutocannonMaulerAutocannon which boasts the best firepower in its class, but suffers from a low rate of fire. Despite its low fire rate, it has no spin up time, meaning you can quickly fire at enemies to bring them down.
Torrent AutocannonTorrentAutocannon which gets more accurate the longer the trigger is held. Despite a long spin up time, the Torrent also boasts the best fire rate in its class, making it ideal to use against tanky targets.

Grenade Launcher Weapon List

Aftershock Grenade LauncherAftershockWhen shot, the Aftershock's ammo sticks to targets or surfaces. These bullets then explode after a short period of time.
Bombardier Grenade LauncherBombardierThe Bombardier's grenades bounce around the area as they are fired. The range is increased due to bouncing grenades, making it a joy to use against crowds.
Lurker Grenade LauncherLurkerThe Lurker's grenades do not detonate until you trigger them, making them traps that you can lay for unsuspecting enemies in battle.

Weapons & Guns - Overview

Weapons & Guns - Overview

Choose from a Selection of Weapons in Anthem

Arm yourself to survive in the dangerous world of Anthem. From high-tech weapons to the more standard ones, take your pick on which weapons to take with you on your journey.

Weapons Come with Ability-Induced Traits

Other than raising your damage output, rare weapons also give a small boost to your other stats and abilities through random Traits. Use weapons with Traits that compliment your build.

Get More Traits the Higher the Weapon Rarity

Weapon rarities dictate how many Traits a weapon can be outfitted with. Common weapons gets at least 1 Inscription, while Legendary weapons gets up to 4 of them!

Some Weapons Exclusive To Certain Javelins

There are some weapons that you can only attach or equip when using a certain Javelin. These weapons are in-tune with a certain Javelin's abilities and perks and can only be equipped to them.

Colossus Can Use Autocannons & Grenade Launchers

The Colossus is a type of Javelin that can use heavy weapons such as Autocannons and Grenade Launchers due to its size & abilities. However, it cannot equip and use Pistol weapons in the game.

Check Out the Colossus Javelin Class Guide

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